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    Resources To Help You Plan For The Future

    When the world behaves unpredictably, operating an independent grocery store becomes increasingly difficult. Independent retailers must make decisions—from hiring to capital spending—based on economic predictions.

    We've gathered resources from a number of trusted, expert sources to help you plan for the future amongst this current period of economic uncertainty. From helping budget-minded shoppers to choosing programs that will drive sales, we have you covered. 



    Exploring the Economic Outlook for the Grocery Industry in 2023 & Beyond
    Presented by John Ross at The NGA Show 2023


    Inflation, labor, supply chain, increased legislation, block chain, digital currency, ransomware. The threats to independent retailers are relentless. How will these obstacles impact the grocery industry as a whole? How will they impact the independent sector? IGA CEO John Ross answers those questions and shares how independents can fight and come out ahead in this session presented at The NGA Show 2023.

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    IGA Unrolls Inflation-Fighting Strategy For 2023

    Shoppers are feeling the burn of inflation. Despite some grocery prices decreasing, shoppers are still pinching their pennies and will continue to do so well into 2023. Here's how IGA is helping grocers demonstrate their value to shoppers

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    Food Industry Challenges & How To Fight Them: Parts I & II

    We have highlighted some of the top challenges the industry is facing, according to FMI's The Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2022, and noted where Independent Grocers Alliance members can find help.

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    Why Are Food Prices Still Rising? Look No Further Than Fertilizer

    IGA CEO John Ross explains how fertilizer costs play a major role in rising food prices. 

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    Webinar Recap

    Inflation & Independent Grocery Part II: Webinar Recap

    IGA CEO John Ross and the NielsenIQ team analyze the latest inflation trends to see how they are really impacting shoppers and independent retailers in part II of this webinar series. 

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    Inflation & Independent Grocery: Webinar Recap

    90% of Americans are concerned about food prices, but what are they doing to save money at the grocery store? Learn about their strategies and other key takeaways from this written recap.

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    Don't Be A Victim To Inflation: Webinar Recap

    IGA CEO John Ross addresses retailer concerns and answers four key questions about the impact inflation will have on the independent grocery industry.

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    Download webinar presentation

    Download Presentation

    Access the data and slides IGA CEO John Ross presented during the Simple Strategies to Maintain Price Authority, Increase Sales, & Drive Shopper Loyalty webinar. 

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    FMI's Shopper Trends Reveal Inflation Is Changing Shopper Behavior

    We break down FMI's latest U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2022, see how they will impact the independent sector, and what shoppers need from their grocer during these times.

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    Inflation: Learning From The Past

    When inflation accelerates, independents must use new strategies to compete against bigger chains. IGA CEO John Ross shares some of these strategies for independents.

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    Show shoppers that you're their partner in value as costs rise. The kit helps shoppers stretch their dollar further with signs that link to cost-saving recipes for family meal planning, plus reminders that local is best and cost-effective.

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    Inflation signs are included in the Q2 kit scheduled to arrive April 1. Subscribe once and a fresh shipment of signs will arrive on your doorstep every quarter, designed to attract shoppers and drive sales.

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