2020 IGA Hometown Proud Retailer of the Year Chang So

Sep 23, 2021

Hollister Super IGA is blazing a new trail for IGA through their dedication to serving their primary demographic of Spanish-speaking customers. Designed with their shoppers in mind, the store features ample IGA signage and décor in Spanish and is stocked with community favorites, including fresh seafood, a variety of fresh tortillas, and a large produce department. They work with Red Ovals like Anheuser-Busch and Coca-Cola to leverage promotions aimed at their demographic, ensuring their customers get great deals.

Leading by example, Owner Chang So has demonstrated an involvement in and advocacy for the community that is carried forward by his employees and appreciated by his customers. Chang brought that advocacy to light during the pandemic by giving his employees a $50 bonus for getting vaccinated and teaming up with the local Health Foundation to host vaccination clinics in the parking lot of his stores—complete with $25 gift certificates for the first 100 people vaccinated in each location.

From the in-store IGA signage and Exclusive Brand product offerings and using the IGA Coca-Cola Institute classes to better educate staff on best practices and products in their departments, to the teams strong dedication to service within their community, Chang and the Hollister Super IGA team are hometown proud and IGA through and through, and it shows.

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