Australian IGA Goes Viral on TikTok

Mar 30, 2021

SUPA IGA in Summer Hill, New South Wales, Australia is a stand-out IGA, featuring a walk-in cheese room, sushi bar, Chinese market, in-house butcher and baker, and desserts for days. So it's no wonder that a Sydney foodie sought it out for a drool-worthy visit. But after Saryne Hanna—known on TikTok as @Euwth—posted her visit on the social media video platform, the video went viral and has now been watched over 85,000 times and has nearly 9,000 likes. 

In the video, Hanna calls the store "next level amazing," and walks through the store, in awe over the bakery desserts, like crème brûlée cake and doughnuts. She shows off the cheese room—a refrigerated room the size of a small shop filled with assorted cheeses—and walks the viewer through the dedicated Chinese market complete with lanterns, where they make sushi in-house and "have the best range of products," according to Hanna.

Next up on the tour is the gourmet salad bar and the produce section, followed by the candy area. "You have to see how beautiful the fruits and vegetables look," she says, "Wow! It's amazing. And their lolly section—can't get over it, so cute."

Even before the TikTok video went viral, the IGA store had garnered a strong reputation, with one five-star Google review saying, "This is one of the best supermarkets in the country. Unbelievable range, always well stocked and presented. The cheese room is superb. Worth a drive for your weekly shop."

It's every business owner's dream to get noticed for their superior product, and this Australian IGA now has over 85,000 people across the globe who have toured their store via video, and are probably adding it to their post-pandemic must-visit travel lists. 

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