Connect with Peers via the IGA Share Group

Feb 24, 2021

Looking to connect with peers to share your wins and challenges and gain advice? Meet the IGA Share group. It's a forum of retailers with similar operations who openly participate in disclosing best practices, information and ideas, and work to find unique solutions to common challenges. 

"Through the IGA Share group, members can turn to each other for impartial advice, suggestions, and feedback," says Paulo Goelzer, president of the IGA Coca-Cola Institute, which runs the IGA Share group. "We're seeking retail members who are committed to working together for mutual success."

The group is comprised of non-competing members who attend facilitated online and live meetings, the frequency of which will be determined by the participants. Members gain access to an exclusive online community that allows them to ask questions of experts, validate user-generated content through peer review, and create best practices recognized by share group peers and coworkers.

Goelzer says the group is facilitated to encourage open dialogue and information sharing. "Members should have a willingness to share cost saving ideas, ways to increase sales, and improve operating margins and strategic position," he says. "The idea is to learn from others' success and mistakes, and capture unique practices to drive your business forward." In addition, group members will share information about their stores and operations to help each other improve and create a community to support each other. 

There are currently two share groups available to join:

IGA Produce Share Group
Produce Share Group

Produce is one the most important departments in attracting and retaining shoppers. This share group will have owners, store directors, and department heads bring their best ideas and problem solve together about how to use the fresh department to best serve the modern consumer.

IGA Hispanic Share Group
Hispanic Share Group

U.S. grocery retail experience will increasingly be shaped by multicultural consumers, based on population growth and current shopping behaviors. This Hispanic share group will discuss strategies and best practices intended to create a unique and welcoming shopping experience. We will learn with each other and solve problems together.

Want to learn more? Visit the IGA Share Group page where you can access the application. 

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