Upbranding Your Bakery

Aug 21, 2019

For more than a decade, DG Graphics has been IGA’s Red Oval printing partner for all your in-store branding needs, from promotional, shelf-level, and parking lot signage to case clings, recipe cards, floor graphics, and more. And now, DG Graphics is IGA's partner in our most exciting branding initiative yet: Local Equals Fresh upbranding!

Introduced for the first time at the IGA Global Rally this past February, the Local Equals Fresh branding strategy has taken off in a big way, with IGAs across the country outfitting their stores with the Local Equals Fresh signage kit, as well as working with DG Graphics on custom designed pieces. 

Want to learn more about the new Local Equals Fresh strategy? Click here to read about everything from the philosophy behind IGA's upbranding plan to execution in your store, and read on to learn how Local Equals Fresh can help you build sales in the bakery department in this interview with IGA's Creative Services Manager Joel Widmer, who heads up the Local Equals Fresh program, and DG GraphicsDave Marti and Sean Cooney.  

What opportunities do you see for Local Equals Fresh in bakery?

Joel: The Local Equals Fresh message is designed to work throughout the entire store—from produce to dairy to bakery and even center store. That said, there are clearly places where the local message is more impactful, and bakery is one of those. IGA stores are already producing some really amazing cakes, cookies, and breads made fresh in their store. Using Local Equals Fresh signage in the bakery to promote their store as the local, artisan bake shop is the most effective way to educate shoppers about these locally-made offerings and build momentum in bakery that leads to both increased sales and shopper satisfaction.


The team at DG Graphics has been working with IGA retailers as they order and install both the Local Equals Fresh kits and some custom pieces. Are you hearing that the signage translates to increased sales?

Sean: Geissler’s in Somers, Connecticut is a great example. Bakery sales are growing because shoppers are being educated in new ways. During a recent store visit, Kevin Brouillard, director of sales at Geissler’s, told us his community is really latching onto the fact that many of the store's bakery products are made by hand, from scratch, right in the store. In terms of sales, Kevin told us they've seen an impactful boost in bakery sales since they began promoting the Local Equals Fresh message.


We've seen a similar experience at Susanville Supermarket in Susanville, California. We worked with the team at Susanville to create decorative signage to let people know when their fresh donuts have all been claimed, and that they ought to arrive early if they want to enjoy one tomorrow. Now they can’t seem to keep their made-daily donuts on the shelves. 


What tips do you have for IGA retailers who want to use promotion to bring in more bakery sales?

Dave: Shoppers’ desire to support local isn’t slowing down, so it’s important that you let them know that your bakery is local! By utilizing both large, eye-catching signage and more subtle product-level messages, you can draw more shoppers into the bakery. The Local Equals Fresh sign kit lays a great foundation for your IGA store’s local message. If you want to take it a step further, we can help you (like we did for both Geissler’s and Susanville) create additional messaging that can take those benefits up a notch.

Let’s work together to give your bakery a lift with the right messaging and signage!

Understanding Your Local Equals Fresh Options

  1. Launch Kit: Featuring more than 150 high-quality, full-color printed pieces to help you tell your Local Equals Fresh brand story in every area of the store—from overhead signage and in-aisle messaging all the way down to the product level—all for less than $1,000 a kit (bulk pricing available).

  2. À La Carte Signage: Want to start small and build on? Want to add additional pieces to your existing kit? Pick from hundreds of signs that include templates to tell your shoppers about local farmers, providers, and store associates, as well as the local products made fresh every day in your store.

  3. Décor: Is it time for new décor or a store refresh? Choose from wayfinding solutions that support the Local Equals Fresh branding initiative.

DG Graphics is excited to work directly with you to take all the options in IGA's new upbranding build and customize a Local Equals Fresh sign kit that will meet your needs.

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