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Dec 17, 2019

As retailers, the concept of being “local” has always been engrained in who you are. It’s part of your DNA, whether that means partnering with the local farm down the street or donating a to a worthy local organization.

In 2019, IGA challenged retailers to share their stories in ways that they havent shared them before. Over the past twelve months, independent retailers across the country have latched on to the Local Equals Fresh brand positioning, using IGA signage and graphics to shout their local stories louder than ever before. DG Graphics has been thrilled to work directly with retailers to provide Local Equals Fresh sign kits. These kits are designed to lay the foundation for your Local Equals Fresh message while providing a beautiful revamp to your stores look.


The beauty of a local, independent grocery store is that each one is unique, and one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. If you arent sure the standard kit is a perfect match for your store, no problem! Just let us know and well do everything we can to help get your message out in just the right way.


Find your fit 

Wholesaler Ira Higdon recently ordered kits for a trio of new of stores. The standard kit wasn’t a perfect fit, so the team at DG Graphics worked with Ira Higdon’s Jim Dunn to create the perfect solution. To help accommodate for the stores’ lower ceilings, we scaled the hanging signs down from 60” x 30” to a still-impactful 48” x 24” size. In addition to scaling the signs, this group of stores wanted to emphasize their meat department offerings more prominently than other departments.


To help accommodate this strategy, we opted to include an additional “Cut Fresh Every Day” sign for the meat department in place of a “Baked Fresh Every Day” sign. Jim Dunn expressed, “It was important for these stores to convey their local message from the start, and we’re thankful that DG Graphics was able to work with us to get it just right.”

But it's not just smaller stores with unique needs. One of Bozzuto’s retailers purchased two kits to fill their 35,000 square foot store. We're able to accommodate needs both big and small. 



Take a look around your store. Has it become a collection of mismatched signs from the past ten years? Going into a new year—a new decade at that—is the perfect time to press the reset button on your store’s image. Take this opportunity to hit reset and create a fresh experience that your customers and team members will all be talking about.


Visit www.IGA.com/signs to order your custom Local Equals Fresh sign kit today or contact me directly with questions about customization at info@dggraphicsonline.com.

Dave Marti, DG Graphics 

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