Introducing the Family Meals Made Easy Sweepstakes!

Sep 10, 2020

As the months-long pandemic rolls into fall, shoppers have established new eating patterns and as a result, new wants and needs from their grocer. Cooking fatigue and financial concerns have taken center stage in American families' lives, which means now more than ever before, shoppers are looking for the inspiration and motivation they need to create healthy, budget-friendly meals for their families. 

So, what better time to introduce IGA's first ever IGA Exclusive Brand recipe sweepstakes!  

As a part of the national promotion of the new IGA Exclusive Brand label redesign, we’re excited to announce the IGA Family Meals Made Easy Sweepstakes. Starting Tuesday, September 15, shoppers can submit their original recipe featuring at least one IGA Exclusive Brand product for a chance to win a $1,000 Visa gift card as well as a $1,000 donation to a local food bank of their choice.  

SWeeps Landing Page

More Than Just a Sweepstakes 

In addition to providing inspiration to cooking-weary shoppers, the online sweepstakes, which begins next week and runs until November 13, is designed to raise awareness around the brand's quality, trust, and value while promoting product trial and experimentation. If it seems like it's asking a lot of an online promotion, you're not wrong. That's precisely why IGA enlisted the help of Collective Bias, an Inmar influencer marketing agency specializing in authentic brand endorsementInfluencer marketing is the modern-day equivalent to celebrity endorsement, but rather than an A-list movie star, influencers are normal people, talking to a dedicated and loyal social media following about the brands, products, activities, and events that are important to them.   

Whether its a mommy blogger sharing her favorite baby food on Pinterest or a home cook teaching house-bound millennials how to create their own sourdough starters, influencers have the ability to reach millions. And while it may seem like just fun and games, their thoughts and opinions carry a serious punch. In 2018, influencer marketing became the fastest-growing method of customer acquisition, surpassing traditional media channels such as organic and paid search as well as email marketing.

IGA Influencers 

Working with Collective Bias, IGA has contracted the help of five influencers who live in IGA communities, often shop in IGA stores, and have well-established recipe blogs with huge followings. In short, when these influencers talk--or in this case, blog--IGA shoppers listen.

Featured images from IGA influencers

These influencers agreed to create original recipes incorporating IGA Exclusive Brand products and not only publish their recipe, but also write about the new label and why they love shopping IGA—all while promoting the Family Meals Made Easy Sweepstakes. These blogs will be featured on the sweepstakes landing page, so shoppers can browse through the content for inspiration. They'll also be pushed out through the influencers' websites and social media channels. 

But what does that mean for your store? 

The anticipated impressions from these bloggers alone is 2.6 million during the two-month sweepstakes period. Additionally, IGA is making a geotargeted media buy in IGA communities with the ultimate goal to get shoppers in your area excited about IGA Exclusive Brand products. These two promotional elements combine to make the IGA Family Meals Made Easy Sweepstakes the biggest and most widely promoted event in IGA history, meaning more shoppers than ever before will be motivated to purchase IGA Exclusive Brand products, driving sales for your store.

The blog and recipe content these influencers create, as well as the recipe submissions from shoppers as a part of the sweepstakes, will be used well beyond the sweepstakes period. The blogs, videos, and recipes will be compiled and used to create a Digital Cookbook, which will be published in 2021 and used to source the recipe content for the Family Meals Made Easy campaign launched last month.  

Giving Back 

Two grand prize winners will be announced this December and--in a nod to the financial burden so many families are facing now--each will receive a $1,000 Visa gift card and $1,000 donation to a local food back. 

Spread the Word 

The sweepstakes kicks off early next week with geotargeted advertising in IGA communities,  promotion on, and posts on the IGA USA Facebook page and in the National Digital Ad. While that alone will certainly pull in the impressions, next week IGA will also make available social media and web graphics, so you can share sweepstakes details and influencer content directly with your shoppers. 

Stay tuned to your email next week to learn when the sweepstakes is up and running...and ready to promote! 

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