IGA Coca-Cola Institute Expands Food Retailer Training Offerings

Apr 26, 2023

Qstream, a global leader in microlearning technology, and the IGA Coca-Cola Institute have partnered to add Qstream’s science-based approach to their portfolio of learning resources and technology dedicated to serving independent food retailers worldwide.

Retailers operate under razor thin margins and keeping employees on the floor is a top priority. In just minutes a day, Qstream’s bite-size, on-the-go microlearning interventions test and reinforce the most important information from training courses to keep employees' skills sharp. The platform’s robust analytics also identify knowledge gaps so HR, training teams, and store operators can take action.

“To be successful in retail environments, you must focus on your frontline workers,” said Paulo Goelzer Ph.D, CEO, IGA Coca-Cola Institute. “Qstream helps us deliver a modern and valuable learning experience for employees without pulling them out of the floor, helping organizations improve workplace safety and customer service to give them a competitive edge.”

That competitive edge will greatly impact the grocery industry, as the IGA Coca-Cola Institute, which is part of the Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA), serves more than 15,000 of the leading retailers across the globe and offers over 600 industry-specific blended learning courses for onboarding, compliance, department operations training and more.

The new program is designed to reinforce content learning. After a training event, a student will receive a text or email with a link to access the app and answer scenario-based questions that help them reinforce and retain the key concepts from the training.

Goelzer said these microlearning interventions will take two to three minutes to complete. A microlearning series can last an average of six weeks, with two to three interventions per week. Administrators will have a wealth of analytics to track learning and manage skill gaps.

“Qstream is thrilled to partner with the IGA Coca-Cola Institute to deliver efficient and employee-centric learning technology to their clients,” said Dan Whelan, CEO, Qstream. “Reinforcement is a critical component of any training program and we have no doubt that the retail space will benefit from utilizing our scientifically-proven microlearning platform.”

Check out microlearning in action at The IGA Coca-Cola Institute.

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