IGA Coca-Cola Institute Partners With American College Of Education

Aug 9, 2022

Over 350,000 IGA Coca-Cola Institute students now can receive a 10% tuition grant and a seamless transfer to the American College of Education® (ACE) thanks to a new partnership.

In addition to the 10% tuition grant toward ACE programs, students with a certificate of completion from the Institute are eligible for a seamless transfer of six credits toward ACE’s B.S. in Applied Management and Leadership program. Through the two benefits, continuing education is even more affordable and shortens the pathway to a degree.

"This partnership comes at an opportune time for many of our retail associates," IGA Coca-Cola Institute President and CEO Dr. Paulo Goelzer said. "Even in an inflationary period, they can continue their educational path and investment in their careers thanks to the tuition grant and credit transfer."

More than 10,000 grocery stores across the globe use the IGA Coca-Cola Institute as a training resource, with over 250 industry-specific courses covering onboarding, compliance, department/positions, and specialty area in food retail industry. Those courses are free to Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) members and available to all retailers for a membership fee. With numbers like those, the ACE partnership is a huge step in continuing education for the grocery industry.  

“Our goal at ACE is to continuously ensure our programs are as accessible as possible, and that means working with outstanding partners like the Institute to make this happen,” ACE President Shawntel Landry said. “We’re excited to work with the Institute to extend even more meaningful opportunities to those who are committed to enriching their professional skills and growing their careers.”

“We, at ACE, can’t wait to extend the reach of our programs to students of the Institute,” Assistant Director of Strategic Partner Development Darryl Brown said. “This partnership is a great opportunity as both ACE and the Institute share a deep commitment to professional development and educational growth.”

To learn more about ACE's B.S. in Applied Management and Leadership program, visit their website

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