IGA Social: Your Top 5 Questions Answered!

Apr 17, 2019

Social media is easily one of the most effective marketing assets you have at your disposal as a small business (for more information, see John Ross’ blog, Media 101). And for good reason: with just a click of a button you can get your message out in front of thousands of current and prospective shoppers.

That’s why IGA leveraged our size and scale to secure a national contract that delivers world-class social media support to you at a fraction of the cost you would be paying anywhere else.

Wondering if IGA’s low-cost social media management is right for you? Spend a minute with AR Marketing Principal Eric Anderson for answers to the top 5 questions he gets from IGA retailers about the IGA Social program.

Will this program work for me if I don’t currently have a social media account setup?

Absolutely. The IGA Social program is designed to work for retailers who are actively involved in social media, as well as those who are not! For $89 a month, we post professionally designed, relevant content to your page (Facebook, Twitter, or both) on a consistent basis, and if you don’t already have social media accounts when you sign up, we can help you set them up.

What kind of content will you post?

One unique feature of the IGA Social program is it allows you to choose social media content most relevant to your store. Are you a market leader in customer service? Excellent meat department? Maybe you have the best baked goods in town. You choose your best attributes and post content to Facebook and Twitter at the optimal time of day...any day you choose! The content is about you and your strengths.


I’m already doing social media, so do I need this program?

If you are already actively involved in social media marketing, that's great! IGA Social will automatically subsidize content on the days that you are simply too busy to keep up. Additionally, the IGA National Digital Ad is professionally posted automatically to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Consider it a social media booster when your creative engine is running a little low on ideas.

What if I want custom content?

The IGA Social program is pretty darn customized. All content is IGA branded, focusing on your key store strengths, geo-targeted messages are delivered to customers around your store, and your own weekly ad is posted on the day of your choosing.

If you really want to create custom content focusing on your team members, help wanted listings, special events occurring at your store, and have the peace of mind that your very own dedicated account manager is monitoring your social media feedback; well then there is the IGA Full Service Social Media Management program, too. Already used by IGA retailer locations nationwide, the Full Service program is the truly "best in class.”

What kind of results can I expect?

IGA retailers are already experiencing millions of impressions monthly through the IGA Social and Full Service programs. You will receive easy-to-read monthly reports on your success. You'll discover who is following you online and learn what makes them shop your store (deals, customer service, contests, signature products, etc.).

There truly is power in numbers, and IGA has the numbers! With nearly 1,000 retailers nationwide, IGA retailers can easily prove to the vendor community that they have as many online opportunities as any retailer. IGA Social creates impressions and online excitement around not only your store, but the entire IGA family of stores.

Want more information about IGA Social? Ready to sign up? Click here


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