IGA Welcomes Supermercados Selectos

Mar 8, 2023

The Independent Grocers Alliance is thrilled to welcome Puerto Rico based-Supermercados Selectos to the largest global network of independent grocers as one of its newest members.

It’s a special time for Supermercados Selectos as they are celebrating their 45th year in business, and their addition to the IGA family is a significant milestone among several others. 

Created in 1978 by a group of independent merchants who wanted to provide better service to their customers, Supermercados Selectos has come a long way. The first stores used a basement as a warehouse and bought in groups, advertised specials, and shared experiences to compete with large supermarket chains. As more merchants joined, the store moved to Carolina and later established a larger facility in the Royal Industrial Park in Cataño.

Supermercados Selectos is unique in that they operate as a chain, but all 39 of their stores are independently owned. This model allows them to combine the benefits of a larger chain, such as increased buying power, with the personalized service and attention to detail for which independent grocers are known.

Looking to the future, Selectos is currently expanding its central warehouse to 120,000 square feet.

"We are beyond excited to be joining the Independent Grocers Alliance! It's a significant time for Supermercados Selectos, as we celebrate our 45th year in business and look forward to expanding our central warehouse," said Executive Director Mayreg Rodriguez at Supermercados Selectos. "Joining IGA will provide our shoppers with an enhanced selection of private label options, as well as the many resources provided by the Alliance. We are confident that this partnership will drive continued success for our business and give us a significant advantage over our competitors."

IGA CEO John Ross is equally excited to welcome the Supermercados Selectos team to the global IGA family. "Selectos is transitioning to a second generation of ownership, and the new leaders carry an entrepreneurial spirit and are well-trained in the industry. That energy and enthusiasm is so important for continued success," Ross says. 

Selectos is supplied by MDI of Hickory, North Carolina, and has had its own Selectos brand on the shelf for many years. However, joining the IGA network will provide them with a premium option for private brands in their store. Furthermore, Selectos will be the only chain carrying IGA brand products in Puerto Rico, providing a strong point of difference from competitors.

Since joining the Independent Grocers Alliance, Selectos has already utilized programs offered by IGA to independents, such as the Retail Learning Institute and attended The NGA Show recently held in Las Vegas.

“We’re confident that Selectos’ participation in these IGA programs will provide them with a wealth of knowledge and resources to help them succeed in today's ever-changing retail landscape," Ross says. “We are excited to see what the future holds and look forward to working together to provide customers with the best possible shopping experience. Welcome to the IGA family, Selectos Supermercados!”


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