Save the Date for IGA's 2021 Global Rally Virtual Conference

May 12, 2021

Like nearly everything experienced in 2020, last year's IGA Global Rally had a decidedly different look and feel than a typical Rally. Instead of a big in-person conference held in an ever bigger hotel, the Rally was broadcast live from an IGA store in a small town in North Carolina. And while you might think that making a global event normally held over the course of two days into a 5-hour show inside an IGA store—complete with employees, customers, and all the noise and interruptions expected in a busy grocery store—would make it a less impactful event, as it turns out, the 2020 IGA Global Rally Virtual Conference was one of the best-attended events in IGA history.

"While I hate that we weren't able to mingle and connect socially last year, I love that we could go from standing on a stage describing programs in slides to seeing those programs in action, making the shopping experience better for real IGA shoppers and increasing sales for the store," says IGA CEO John Ross. "We learned that showing off how a real retailer is using IGA's tools and resources in a real IGA store is one of the most effective ways possible to inspire our retailers, wholesalers, and partners."

And while Ross says IGA will have in person meetings in the future, he's happy to have the opportunity this year to reach more people with a virtual event. "Last year we had all the people who would normally attend our conference, but we also had so many people who would never have the opportunity—like store teams and other independents and potential partners who wanted to learn more about IGA. It's clear that a virtual event is an extremely valuable tool, and we're keeping it in our lineup of ways to share the information retailers need." 

Save the Date! 
2021 IGA Global Rally Virtual Conference
October 26, 2021 | Live Online from Geissler's Supermarket

This fall, IGA's 2021 Global Rally Virtual Conference is coming to you live from Geissler's Supermarket in Somers, Connecticut. And while it's still a few months away, we're excited to share some of the topics we'll be focusing on. Keep reading to get a sneak peek into those plans. 

Preview the 2021 IGA Global Rally Virtual Conference Session Topics

During this year's conference, attendees can expect to hear from IGA leadership and retailers, wholesalers, and partners about important topics impacting independent grocers, including:

Highlighting shopper behaviors in the new normal

The pandemic has changed shopper behaviors significantly, but which behaviors and trends will stick around as more of the population is vaccinated and we enter a new normal? From an increased focus on local to prioritizing convenience and innovation, we'll be sharing best practices and new programs designed to help retailers stay competitive.

IGA sales-building programs in action

As IGA retailers look to stay competitive by retaining the shoppers they gained during the pandemic, they can leverage IGA's sales-building programs, like eCommerce, the National Digital Ad, visual merchandising, and more. Attendees will hear from IGA retailers about their experiences using these programs, including the implementation process and the impact they have had on sales. 

They'll also see those programs implemented throughout Geissler's during the event. "Because people can actually see our programs at work in the store, I think people will walk away with better context for how those same programs can work for their store," says Ross.

Best practices in operations, marketing, merchandising, and category sales 

One of IGA's greatest strengths is the community of retailers who use their freedom to try new, innovative strategies to help their shoppers and business. We'll be sharing these best practices with attendees so they, too, can implement them in their stores to drive sales, attract shoppers, and help their bottom lines. 

Plus More Insights & Access

In addition to these topics, attendees will have access to key category insights from Red Oval manufacturing partners and service providers. These partners will provide valuable data that retailers and wholesalers can use to make better merchandising and marketing decisions for business optimization. 

Another important opportunity? Anyone who wants to attend can do so at no cost.

“We’re really excited to be able to reach down into our partner companies and the stores both domestically and globally and engage people who wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to attend a Rally, but we’re also excited to get our message out beyond our members,” Ross says. “IGA has a lot to offer right now, and we’re opening the door to anyone and everyone who wants to learn more about the largest group of independent retailers in the world and the brand that supports them. If your business involves grocery retail, this Rally is going to benefit you.

Missed the 2020 IGA Virtual Rally? It's not too late to watch! 

The IGA Global Rally agenda provided a deep dive into shopper behaviors since the pandemic began; offered insights into what’s coming next; and provided realistic, tactical ideas for how you can continue to capture increased sales throughout the pandemic and beyond. Watch the sessions that you need to see here, and stay tuned for free registration information, coming soon. 


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