Let Ashgrove be Your Partner for More Sustainable Shopping

Oct 8, 2019

With sustainability at the top of shoppers’ minds, show your commitment to the environment by offering IGA-branded reusable merchandise from Red Oval partner Ashgrove Marketing. 

Reusable Shopping Bags

Disposable bags are expensive--especially for an independent grocery retailer who operates on narrow margins. Cutting disposable bags as a line item lowers overall costs and can even create a revenue stream when customers purchase reusable bags from you.

IGA-branded reusable tote bags promote your store (and your Local Equals Fresh brand differentiator), demonstrate your commitment to a cause that matters to your shoppers, and give shoppers an opportunity to make a difference. 


Reusable Cups

Looking for a way to promote your coffee or fountain drink program? How about offering a discount at your store for drinks refilled in an IGA-branded reusable cup? Encourage environmentally-friendly on-the-go sipping with a variety of IGA-branded  reusable cups, including Yeti™ tumblers to keep coffee hot or a Tervis® plastic tumbler for cold drinks. 


Ashgrove makes it easy for IGA retailers to buy branded promotional products and branded apparel. Just visit igamerch.com and place your order. Have questions or want to inquire about quantity price breaks or custom logos for your store? Contact John Pankau at john@ashgrovemarketing.com 

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