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Jan 30, 2019

I am proud to announce that Chosen Foods has joined the IGA Family as your IGA Red Oval partner for plant-based proteins, ancient superfoods, and healthy fats like healthy cooking oils and sprays, seed and grains, and more.


The Chosen Foods story began five years ago with the launch of our Avocado Oil, a revolutionary everyday cooking oil loaded with Vitamin E and antioxidants that took the cooking world by storm. Since then, we’ve been on a rapid growth trajectory.

Gabriel_Perez_Krieb_Chosen Foods_CEO_imgAt Chosen Foods we believe in the power of real food to nourish ourselves, our families, and our communities. From our beginnings with the avocado we created a new way of cooking and eating. It’s rooted in ingredients that are both fresh and ancient. It’s brought forth in a beautiful collision of cultures and a shared love of eating wholesomely. From the farmers we know and support in Mexico, to the kitchen we cook lunch in every day in our San Diego office, it adds up to a joyous and delicious celebration of nourishment. We want to spread that sun-soaked magic to the world, and everyone who has chosen to improve their lives.

You can count on us to make the foods that make it easy to choose health, sustainability, and great taste.


Gabriel Perez Krieb.
Chosen Foods


From avocado-based oil, mayo, and sprays to ancient grains, new Red Oval Partner Chosen Foods is poised to help IGA retailers introduce products that will target the growing natural foods segment and increase overall oil and condiment category sales.

Learn more about Chosen Foods in this recent Q&A with Brand Manager and Chosen Foods Red Oval Partner Representative Robin Burgin, and IGA’s Heidi Huff, Senior Director of Red Oval Partnerships:


How is Chosen Foods focusing on product innovations? 

In the last 18 months we have built an entire team dedicated to building a long-term innovation pipeline. We are completely focused on sustainability and end-to-end supply chain while delivering on consumer needs.

Why is the independent sector important for your business?  

Like IGA stores, we’re a family-owned business looking to contribute to the overall wellness of consumers and their communities. We see IGA stores—with their focus on personalized experiences and fresh, local products—as the perfect fit for our innovative, health-conscious product mix.

How do you plan to help IGA retailers increase their sales in the oils + condiments category? 

Chosen Foods is eager to use all the resources available to us as a Red Oval partner, including investing in IGA shopper marketing programs like the National Digital Ad, and providing category and trend insights and education through articles, webinars, and videos.


Have questions about Chosen Foods and their products? Contact Brand Manager and Chosen Foods Red Oval Partner Representative Robin Burgin at  robin.burgin@chosenfoods.com.

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