How to Crush Big Game Eats for Your Friends & Family this Year!

Jan 31, 2022

The “Big Game” as we’ll call it, is one of the easiest parties for the year. Entertainment is taken care of, food is simple, and drinks are free-flowing. All you need is a TV and an excited crowd.

But there are always logistics to take care of, and we want your big game party to go off without a hitch! So here are our top tips for a successful football party.

Stagger the food!

This helps to make sure people don’t eat it all at once - you don’t want them running out of room on apps.

You can accomplish this by staggering the entrances of the food. Start off with the cut up veggies, sliders & fries, move on to the nachos and subs when half-time is on, and then finish off with some simple dessert like cookies or ice cream sandwiches. Coffee always helps, too.

Keep track of drinks with markers

We know that no one wants to do a football team’s worth of dishes, so have disposable cups and permanent markers ready to label the drinks. If you do want to be fancy or have a few wine glasses out for the non-beer drinkers, you can use dry-erase markers on those glasses or buy some little wine-markers at the dollar store or any kitchen store.

No fancy drinks!

The last thing you want to be caught doing is making cocktails all night. Between the food and actually being able to watch the game, you’ll want to have your hands free!

Plus, the big game isn’t really a cocktail-event. You’ll be fine with beers, soft drinks, waters, and a few bottles of wine for those watching their carbs. Just grab a cooler full of ice and let your guests help themselves. This will also leave your fridge to be full of ingredients for the meals and snacks, rather than full of drinks.

Finger foods only!

No need for the chili, steak, or pasta here. Let guests serve themselves finger foods like cut up veggies and dip, nachos, and any type of main course between bread! Sliders, tacos, pizza, and subs are your best bet here.

If you aren’t planning on cooking, remember that the deli counter will be slammed and many places will be at capacity, so order well in advance or reserve your spot as soon as you can because it will be bussssy out there!

Three winning recipe ideas

Pot roast subs - combine your favorite slow cooker pot roast recipe, Italian sub bread, sweet cooked peppers & onions, cheese, and a tasty mayo or aioli!

Classic game day nachos - layer nachos, cheese, olives, and any other toppings you want & bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 375. Be sure to evenly distribute toppings & serve with salsa & sour cream.

Sliders - grab your favorite meat or meat-alternative and make a ton of mini patties! Let guests dress their own and provide all the usual burger fixin’s: ketchup, mustard, tomato, lettuce, onion and pickles.

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