What Will You Learn in the Kitchen Classroom?

Dec 28, 2020

As parents, we’re used to the idea of playing many roles: guardian, caretaker, housekeeper, chef, chauffeur, playmate, disciplinarian, etc. But recently many of us have found ourselves taking on a new role we didn’t see coming: teacher. Sure, we might have helped with an occasional homework question or glitter-infused diorama, but being responsible for your child’s remote learning is a completely different animal (dare I say, beast?). And while our teachers are doing their absolute best to adapt and create the most supportive virtual learning process possible, many parents are realizing they’re going to have to do their part if kids are going to stay engaged in the learning process. From helping kids with their online lessons to creating non-traditional but effective learning environments outside of the virtual classroom, there’s no denying parents have their work cut out for them.

That’s where IGA can help. We’ve enlisted the help of an award-winning educator Jennifer Chaplin to bring you Kitchen Classroom Educational Enrichment activities, fast, fun, and effective lessons plans you can follow right in your own kitchen.

Each activity is designed for a specific age group with a focus on Literacy or STEM Enrichment curriculums. Some plans may call for common household items and also feature links to free online resources.

While this isn’t a replacement for your child’s traditional lesson plan, we hope these fun and creative activities will provide you some much needed sanity support.

To use the lesson plans, download to view the PDFs linked below.

Literacy Enrichment 

Pre-K Literacy – What Are Taste Buds?
Elementary Literacy – Start with a Book: Cooking for Kids


STEM Enrichment

Pre-K STEM: Sink or Float?
Elementary STEM: Kitchen Chemistry with Lemon Volcanoes


Meet Jennifer Chaplin, our Kitchen Classroom Educator! 

Jennifer began her teaching career in 1993 with Middle School Language Arts. During her time in education, she has been recognized as a Disney American Teacher Award nominee, Kentucky Teacher of the Year regional finalist and the Kentucky Outstanding Civic Education Leadership Award finalist. She has published multiple articles in The Challenge (The Center for Gifted Studies magazine, WKU), published a book, Strategies for Differentiating Instruction, and published the KET Arts Toolkit. 

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