Your Holiday Wine Questions Answered!

Nov 29, 2019

The holidays are here! And that means it’s time to open some great bottles of wine with family and friends. But do you know how to make the most of it? Don’t worry, we’ve reach out to Schild’s IGA owner, Kevin Schild, who is known in his community of Norwalk, OH as the go-to wine expert to answer some of the most common wine questions when it comes to holiday parties and hosting!

Q. Let’s talk about common parings. If you’re hosting a dinner, what are some of the rule-of-thumb pairings?

A. For fish, you’re going to want a white. That means a chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc or riesling. Your whites are going to range from dry to sweet—so really it’s based on your preference. If you're serving salmon however, they say a red wine goes best.

For beef, a bolder red like a Cabernet or Merlot is the perfect compliment.

And lastly, a lighter red pairs best with pasta. Think of a pinot noir, Burgundy or Chianti.

Q. How much should I spend on a hostess gift?

A. Assuming this is someone you like, I would concentrate on a bottle that’s between $15-$25, especially if you’re thinking it will be served with the meal. I also encourage you to consider buying something you know that person may never buy for themselves. Hopefully you know what they like, but if not think of what you would buy for your table and then go just a little higher in price.

Q. How much wine do I need for dinner/per person?

A. It depends on the length of your event. If you’re planning a four-hour meal, 2-2.5 glasses per person can be expected. But you know your crowd best. For example, I’ve found that older adults might drink less than a younger crowd.

Q. We’re seeing more boxed wine lately, what’s the deal? Should I try it?

A. We’ve seen our inventory and selection of boxed wine increase dramatically in the last year or so and for good reason! Producers are really embracing it because not only does the box better seal your wine, meaning your wine will last long but also maintain better flavor, but it also cost less to produce, package and ship meaning you get a great price. It’s an ideal solution for larger events and better still if you have any left you can rest assured that it will last long enough for you

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