2 Simple Steps to Promoting the National Digital Ad

Nov 7, 2018

Great savings are now available to your shoppers—but do they know about it? Here are two simple steps you can take to raise awareness in your store:



For each ad, IGA makes available ready-to-print shelf tags for each offer in the ad. Print these off in-store (black and white works too!) and put them next to the coordinating products to immediately draw the attention of your shoppers.

Download Shelf Tags


NDA Social Media Post

Spread the word on social media and your own website with ready-made web graphics for each offer in each ad! That’s right, these savings can go viral!

Download Web Graphics

National Ad screenshot

These resources will be available for each and every national digital ad, so be sure you’re checking back to IGA.com/nationalad to get the latest tools and resources for your store!

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