National Digital Advertising

National Digital Ad Offers*

Keep in mind, these offers are not coupons. They are offers like any other item in your weekly circular and are available to every shopper every day of the two-week ad cycle. Best of all, there’s NO COST to participate, and it’s never too late to get started.

*Offers available at participating stores while supplies last. Some items not sold in all stores.


Oct. 7-20


SKU list, Shelf Tags, and Social Graphics


Oct. 21 - Nov. 3


SKU list, Shelf Tags, and Social Graphics


Nov. 4 - 17


SKU list, Shelf Tags, and Social Graphics


Nov. 18 - Dec. 1


SKU list, Shelf Tags, and Social Graphics


Dec. 2 - 15


SKU list, Shelf Tags, and Social Graphics


Dec. 16 - 29


SKU list, Shelf Tags, and Social Graphics


Dec. 30 - Jan. 12


SKU list, Shelf Tags, and Social Graphics

$1 off Chobani

Jan. 13 - 26


SKU list, Shelf Tags, and Social Graphics


Jan. 27 - Feb. 9



How it Works:

  • The IGA national digital ad (featuring IGA-sourced national offers) is available to millions of shoppers across the United States. Shoppers can easily access the ad on the Flipp app, Flipp website or through Flipps’ ad network; as well as
  • There will be a minimum of 6 promotional offers each week sourced by IGA. The same ad will be published for all IGA store locations (along with the disclaimer “Offers available at participating stores while supplies last”).
  • Flipp users searching the app or website for grocery stores or for products will be served up information about each IGA store around their search (based on zip code).
  • A new ad with new items will launch every other Sunday; offers will be effective for 2 weeks.
  • Scanner Apps, an Inmar company, will send an email to each store in advance of the ad with information about promoted items and how to submit a report to request reimbursement (Three-month advance information about promotional offers will gradually be achieved as the program matures).
  • Scanner Apps will reimburse stores for the value of the advertised offers sold during the promotional dates.

What You Need to Do:

  1. Order and install the complimentary POP Kit
  2. Watch your email for instructions from Scanner Apps on the offers, the participating SKUs, and how to submit your request for reimbursement.
  3. Program the offers into your POS system.
  4. Use shelf signs in the POP kit to tag ad items.

In-Store Signage

National Ad Signage

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the cost to participate in the National Digital Ad?

There is no cost from IGA to participate in the ad.

2. How will my store be reimbursed for the offers sold?

Inmar Scanner Applications will reimburse your store for offers sold meeting offer requirements. Inmar Scanner Applications will send details of each IGA offer to your store with instructions on submitting a claim to them for reimbursement. Essentially, you will enter the offers into your POS system to ensure purchase requirements are met before the offer is given to the shopper. At the end of the promotional period, you will submit a report to Scanner Apps for the reimbursement with reports from your POS system as backup. Scanner Apps is noted for their prompt processing and reimbursement which will be made by ACH or check.

3. What items will IGA promote?

IGA works diligently to source promotional funding and support from CPG brands for “A” items whenever possible and will try to have as many “A” items as possible in each ad. When “A” items are not available, IGA will substitute other items using its best efforts and judgement to launch ads with the best assortment of items to generate shopper traffic and increase sales in IGA stores. (item lists are in downloadable zip files near top of this page)

4. When will I know which items will be promoted in the IGA National Digital Ad?

IGA intends to finalize the selection of items and the details of the promotion for each a minimum of 3 months in advance of the promotional period. However, at the start of the program, the lead time will be shorter.

5. How many items will be promoted?

The IGA National Digital Ad will have a minimum of 6 items in the feature section of the ad each week. Additional items may be offered in the IGA Exclusive Brand section, the Better Choices section, or the New Item section. Over time, the number of items is expected to increase as the program matures.

6. What if my store does not carry a promoted item?

IGA recognizes that it is not possible to ensure that promoted items will be available in every store across the country. It is also possible given the realities of the supply chain, that promoted items may not be in stock at all times during a promotion. With this in mind, the IGA National Digital Ad will include this statement: “Offers available at participating stores while supplies last. Some items not sold in all stores.”

It is felt that this will provide store associates with a reasonable response to shoppers who will come to the store for an advertised item that is not available.

7. Are the National Ad offers supposed to be programmed so that every customer receives the offer by default, or are customers supposed to show the offer to the cashier on their phone to receive the offer?

The IGA National offers should be programmed so that every customer receives the offer just like other offers in your weekly circular

  • They are available to all shoppers regardless of how they learned of the deal (so be sure to set them up in your POS)
  • The shopper does not need to show or say anything to receive the deal
  • When you submit proper reports to Inmar Scanner Applications (ISA), you will be reimbursed for all offers sold during the effective dates of the offer (2 weeks starting on alternate Sundays through the second Saturday)

8. How will shoppers in my store know about items advertised in the IGA National Digital Ad?

A FREE point-of-purchase sign kit is available from IGA for stores that register to receive it. Included in this sign kit are 4-up pre-printed shelf sign stock that can be run through a standard printer to indicate promoted items available in your store. The sign kit includes a variety of other signs, etc., to identify your store as participating in the IGA National Digital Ad program.

We are encouraging you and all retailers to promote the offers with shelf signs (print on the sign blanks in the POP kit using cool graphics (download zip files near top of this page) and every other way you communicate with your shoppers and potential shoppers: in print circulars, store email, store website, etc.

9. When is the ad released?

The ad will be released on alternate Sundays. Offers are good for 2 weeks.

10. Where will the IGA National Digital Ad items be promoted?

The ad will be distributed on the Flipp network which has over 30 million users who have downloaded the Flipp app to their smartphones. The ad can also be found online at the Flipp website. Secondary distribution by Flipp is made through thousandsof partner websites owned by traditional media outlets such as local and regional newspapers, radio and TV outlets, etc. IGA will also promote the items for the benefit of all IGA stores on our website and social media pages. Retailers are encouraged to include the IGA National Digital Ad Items in all advertising as well as websites, email, etc.

11. I understood that items from the weekly sales circular for my store would also be promoted on the IGA National Digital Ad. When will this start?

The plan calls for store ad items to be included in the IGA National Digital Ad starting mid-2019. Working together with Flipp, it was the intention of both companies to be able to include store sale items from the start. Ultimately, it was determined to be not feasible without significant risk of error, so the decision was made – reluctantly but with other benefits in mind – to start the program with a single version of the ad that included only IGA-sourced national items. The other benefits include establishing a new cadence for promotion across IGA, working with Red Oval partners and other CPG brands to source national offers for IGA, to build a digital audience for IGA, and to learn from experience about how the ad performs and what can be done to strengthen and improve performance.

12. I am already paying Flipp to take my store’s ad and put it up on the Flipp app. Thinking about my customers who are already using Flipp to find my ad, what is being done to be sure they are not confused with two Flipp ads for my store? Can the two ads be combined?

If a user inputs a zip code that is in close proximity to an IGA store, the pre-existing retailer ad will appear alongside the IGA National Ad. This shouldn't cause confusion as the retailer ad will be the digitized version of their print ad with respective logo/branding, whereas the National Ad will have IGA branding and look more digital-based. In other words, the ads will look different from each other.

13. I was surprised to see that my store’s ad is already up on Flipp. I did not ask them to do it and I’m not paying Flipp. Thinking about my customers already using Flipp to find my ad, what is being done to be sure they are not confused with two Flipp ads for my store? Can the two ads be combined?

Similar to the above answer, if Flipp is indexing an IGA weekly ad, it will appear alongside the IGA National Ad. Upon your request, Flipp will remove your weekly ad.

14. Can I be the only grocery store presented to Flipp users in my area?

Flipp is a marketplace and will serve all retailer content that is relevant to a user in a specific location. Flipp does not offer exclusivity.

15. When I search for my store on the Flipp app, other grocery stores that are a long distance from mine are also shown to my shoppers. Why? How does this happen? What can I do about this?

Each retailer determines the radius in which they want their ad to be served and pays for shopper clicks on their ad. The radius for IGA stores is determined by IGA at this time.

16. What efforts will Flipp be implementing to tell its user base that IGA is now an advertiser?

Flipp is launching a Broad Push Notification that will inform every user in an IGA trade area that the National Ad is now available. In addition, Flipp will launch weekly or bi-weekly Affinity Push Notifications upon each refresh that reach the users who have previously engaged with the IGA National Ad.

17. For our different ad formats, I want to resize the "Find More Savings" IGA National Digital Ad on Flipp artwork.

Download the original artwork , and thanks for promoting!

18. I want an easy 1-page PDF that outlines how to get started.

Download the infographic!