2020 IGA Hometown Proud Retailer of the Year Tyler Myers

Sep 23, 2021

When Tyler Myers opened the North Albany IGA store in Oregon, he had ambitious goals. The store is the only independently-owned grocery in town. Their location—across the Willamette River from national chain stores —was in a location where previous stores had failed or closed over the years. The community needed a quality grocer on that side of town, but how could an independent compete with the low prices afforded by national chains?

Tyler's solution was to develop strategic partnerships with IGA, ACE Hardware, and a local credit union, making North Albany IGA a convenient one-stop destination for hardware, banking, liquor purchases, and—of course—fresh, local foods.

Now local producers have an outlet for their goods and the community has everything they could want under one roof…a service that became even more important during the pandemic. North Albany IGA has stood ready to help their new shoppers through the pandemic in any way possible, from launching a "round up for change” campaign where customers round up their payment to the nearest dollar to support a family or charity in need, to sourcing, packaging, and matching the donation of items the local food pantry has struggled to keep in stock during the pandemic.

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