3 Ways To Attract Pet Shoppers

Apr 19, 2023

Inflation has raised the cost of pet care products — prices are higher than they’ve been in decades, according to NielsenIQ research — but consumers don’t intend to change how they shop and care for their pets.

Despite many shoppers cutting back in other areas during this inflationary time, a NielsenIQ survey of dog and cat owners found that while price is always the top driver of pet food sales, two-thirds of pet parents surveyed said if their go-to pet food increases in price, they don’t expect to trade down. These consumer respondents also said that they intend to prioritize purchases of treats, toys, vitamins, and supplements, despite increasing prices.

That means that May's National Pet Month remains an opportunity for independent retailers to put their best paws forward, show off their pet aisle assortment, and remind shoppers and the community that they are more than a fill-in stop for the pet category. The Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) is here to help with the following resources.

  1. IGA & Nestlé Purina Picture PAW-fect Pet Photo ComPETition
  2. Purple Leash Project campaign
  3. Online content that engages & inspires shoppers
1. Celebrate National Pet Month with the IGA & Nestlé Purina Picture PAW-fect Pet Photo ComPETition

IGA and Nestlé Purina are hosting the 10th annual Picture PAW-fect Pet Photo ComPETition, which runs May 1-31. 

With six grand prizes of Nestlé Purina pet food for a year, all shoppers need to do is submit a photo of their pet for a chance to win. Promote the competition on social media to build an enthusiastic following and engage shoppers.  

  • Share the contest on your store's social media accounts and website throughout May, using these graphics
  • Promote the contest in your store's pet aisle and at the register with these graphics

IGA Nestlé Purina Pet Photo Contest

2. Participate in the Purple Leash Project

Domestic violence and pets may seem like separate topics, but nearly 48% of domestic violence victims put off leaving a relationship because they can’t take their pets with them. That can impact a significant number of humans and pets, as one in three women and one in four men experience domestic violence in their lifetimes.

Nestlé Purina is working to help through their partnership with RedRover® and support from retailers like you.

The Purple Leash Project was started to ensure victims of domestic abuse have access to more pet-friendly domestic violence shelters across the country. By helping the Purple Leash Project support pet owners impacted by domestic violence, you’re helping families in your own customer community. But this initiative is more than a worthy cause—by shifting shopper perceptions of trust and confidences, it translates into increased purchases to benefit the project.

Purple Leash

3. Engage & Inspire Shoppers with Online Content

Leverage the bond between humans and pets in your marketing efforts this May (and beyond). Show shoppers that your store is invested in pets and helping pet owners make the best decisions for their furry family members. 

In addition to the Picture PAW-fect Pet Photo ComPETition and Purple Leash Project content, IGA.com has blogs ready to share with shoppers on how to select the right pet food, guidance on how much to feed your pet, and fun tips and recipes for homemade treats. 

online pet content

  • Establish your store as the authority on all things pet. Share exclusive IGA pet content on your store website and social media accounts
  • Share your store's pet stories—ask employees to share photos of their pets and post them on the store's social media pages; create an end cap with staff recommended favorite treats and pet photos

Make the most of National Pet Month by engaging shoppers with the Picture PAW-fect Pet Photo ComPETition and online shopper content. Through these small efforts, shoppers will see their local IGA store as a trusted authority in pet — and you'll have adorable photos of furry animals to show off in store and online!

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