An Update On The COVID Vaccine Mandate

Dec 15, 2021

As retailers and their employees await the status of OSHA's vaccine mandate, the National Grocers Association (NGA)'s Director of Government Relations Robert Yeakel has provided an update that IGA retailers can share with interested employees: 

The legal challenges to the Biden administration’s private sector employer vaccine-or-test mandate have been consolidated and are now before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. The 6th Circuit could rule on the current temporary stay any day now, but the Supreme Court will likely take up additional challenges following the circuit court’s ruling, regardless of outcome.

There is a good chance that the mandate will not be enforced until the Supreme Court makes a final ruling, which could take until late January at the earliest. While employers with 100 or more employees should prepare for a “worst case scenario” that the stay is overturned and OSHA begins enforcing the mandate before the Supreme Court rules (or SCOTUS decides that the mandate is constitutional sometime in early 2022), the mandate itself expires on May 4, 2022, so OSHA would need to issue a permanent standard this Spring and provide employers with a new enforcement timeline."

 Need more information? Here are a few articles that lay out the status and offer predictive timelines:

Stay tuned to The IGA Minute for more information as it becomes available.

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