BRdata Tools Improve Bottom Line & Customer Satisfaction

Apr 3, 2024

BRdata, a long-time IGA Red Oval Partner, recently won the 2024 IGA Red Oval Service Provider of the Year award at IGA's Awards of Excellence Ceremony in Las Vegas. As a technology solutions provider who only serves the independent grocery industry, their 40+ years of experience and personal attention to independents is unmatched. We checked in with John Abbene, president of BRdata, to learn more about the services they provide.

What sets BRdata apart from other technology solutions providers?

In the current ultra-competitive environment, in which industry titans invest billions into technology, independent grocers need a solution that can provide them with the tools to continue to thrive and contend.

BRdata is a long-time, proven, and trusted software developer, solving everyday problems with cloud-based technology, fueled by data from the wholesaler through the consumer purchase. Our experienced team includes several client advocates with years of expertise working in the grocery industry

Furthermore, BRdata solutions run in over 8,000 grocery stores, 14 prominent grocery wholesalers and cooperatives, and apps supporting millions of consumers and users. Geographically, the BRdata install base comprises all 50 states nationally and several countries in the Caribbean.

Do you recommend different services based on whether a retailer has one store or a multi-store group?

Yes, multi-store operators can take advantage of our chain-wide solutions to consolidate data near real-time across all stores for actionable analytics, while efficiently managing item, price, sales, and inventory.

Why is the independent sector important to your business?

Serving the independent grocery sector is our only vertical. As a family owned and operated business, we align closely and can relate with independent grocers.

How will you help IGA grocers drive sales?

We offer several technologies that provide IGA grocers with tools that improve the bottom line, merchandising, and customer satisfaction.

  • AI demand-based pricing can drive sales and increase profit by category, while ensuring margins are maintained, competition is recognized, and private label sales are priced accordingly.

  • BRdata Cloud for IGA:
    • Provides analytics to identify item affinity (likeness), lift, sell-through, shrink, top selling IGA items, profits, and many more analytics to drive sales
    • Supports the IGA National Digital Ad offers, providing IGA members with bi-weekly shopper promotions to consumers. This support includes automating the national offers so that retailers do not need to manually load the offers into their POS system or send in reporting for reimbursement. BRdata sends a promotional ad batch to the retailer with all the UPCs included in the National Digital Ad that the retailer can apply to their POS system and IGA receives reporting on how much the retailer sold in order to reimburse the store.
    • Allows IGA retailer branded consumer apps, loyalty rewards, and customer personalization to identify and reward segmented shoppers, in addition to driving promotions.

  • NGA Independent Insights can identify trending items from thousands of independent grocers nationwide, compared to IGA retailer sales, in addition to forecasting sales to ensure the right items are stocked.

  • Computer Generated Ordering (CGO)/Inventory/Markdowns allow retailers to automatically generate orders based on inventory levels and AI forecasts. The benefits are numerous:
    • Less perishable inventory on-hand, resulting in less shrink and food waste
    • Reduction in out-of-stocks
    • Increased cash flow, gross margin, and consumer satisfaction
    • Addresses labor issues by recovering from department manager turnover
    • Increases profit by ordering the right items, at the right time, in the right quantities.
    • Keeps track of extended out-of-stock items by not having to remember to order them, while removing guessing with consistently forecasted orders
How can IGA retailers engage with your brand for success on both ends?

BRdata has an annual user’s conference where retailers meet to share experiences with other independent grocers, ensuring that they are getting the most out of their technology investment and using the tools to assist with being competitive.

What can IGA retailers expect from this partnership?

BRdata offers discounted rates for BRdata Cloud for IGA and BRdata World conference.

Who should IGA members contact if they have questions or want to sign up?

Contact, your IGA representative, or John Abbene.

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