IGA Co-Locates With NGA For February Las Vegas Event

Sep 15, 2022

NGA Show 2023

IGA and NGA are co-locating February 26-28 for The NGA Show at Caesar's Forum Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada to present tactics and ideas designed to help all independents stay competitive in their changing marketplace, better serve shoppers, and increase sales.

Read on to learn how networking and educational opportunities from IGA and NGA — plus a blow-out IGA Awards of Excellence Ceremony — make this the can't-miss event for independent grocery retailers in 2023! 


IGA retailers and wholesalers, use the code "IGA" for $150 off the prevailing rate.

A Fully Integrated Event 

For the second year in a row, IGA and NGA have created a co-located, fully integrated event that makes it easier — and more convenient — for retailers to get the most out of their time in Las Vegas.

"IGA and NGA understand  how busy our retailers and store teams are, so we have worked to created an event that incorporates the best of the The NGA Show and and IGA Rally into one big event, with educational sessions and networking opportunities running concurrently without requiring retailers to extend their stay in Las Vegas," IGA CEO John Ross says.

Consider it one-stop-shopping for all the networking, insights, and resources an independent needs to compete and win." 

While convenience is a driving factor behind the event structure, it isn't the only benefit to the integration—it also allows more independent retailers to be exposed to what IGA has to offer, Ross says.

"IGA is a trusted, iconic brand with a proud history and bright future. But our mission as the Independent Grocers Alliance is to provide retail and marketing programs that solve problems and create a competitive advantage — for ALL independents. Today, retailers in the Independent Grocers Alliance have the flexibility to choose what resources best serve their individual needs, whether that means becoming a branded IGA retailer or simply using the tools IGA makes available to all independents. Either way, membership in IGA means you’re part of global entity you can trust to help you navigate the changing grocery landscape, stay relevant, and consistently increase sales."

The NGA Show provides ample opportunity to spread that message, as the event will feature dedicated IGA educational sessions demonstrating how members of the Alliance are benefitting—from store, marketplace, and media analysis to cutting edge digital solutions and merchandising that touts their local identity.

"We want independent retailers to leave the event with a blueprint for solving the problems they're facing now, and confidence in the fact that IGA and NGA will be here to help them solve whatever problems arise in the future," Ross continues. "The more retailers who take advantage of what IGA has to offer, the stronger and more cost effective our programs become. Working with NGA to expand our reach to all independents makes us all better in the long run." 

IGA Members Can Gather At The IGA Awards of Excellence Celebration

With retailers facing so many operational challenges over the past two and a half years, IGA put its Awards of Excellence program on hold. But all that changes in 2023.

"With the worst of the pandemic hopefully in the rearview and travel and events returning to normal for most of the world, IGA has the first opportunity in years to bring together our global family to celebrate the accomplishments of our members," IGA CEO John Ross says. "We've waited a long time for this event."

In Las Vegas, IGA will honor the best of the best, with member awards ranging from IGA Retailer of the Year from the U.S. and global countries, as well as host of new awards for best practices among branded and unbranded members of the Alliance. And with so much to celebrate, IGA is pulling out all the stops to make the 2023 Awards Celebration an unforgettable night for everyone who attends.

"We will have had nearly three years of the most difficult retail climate in recent history, so we wanted to do something really special and unique for our retailers, wholesalers, and partners," Ross says.

Special and unique it will certainly be. The 2023 IGA Awards Ceremony, sponsored entirely by IGA Red Oval Partner The Coca-Cola Company, will be held on Monday evening, February 27, at Area 15, Las Vegas' newest experiential entertainment district for live events, complete with the nation's most talked about immersive art installation: Meow Wolf's Omega Mart

IGA Awards Ceremony attendees will be bussed from Caesar's Forum to Area 15 and ushered into Area 15's vibrant event space. Following welcome cocktails at the bar, the event will kick off at 6:30 p.m. with an update from John Ross about IGA's growing global family, and then move into our member awards. A four-course meal created specially for IGA by Area 15's renowned chef will follow, then we will move on to the main event, honoring our International Retailers of the Year. 

Speaker-at-PodiumArea 15 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where IGA's Awards of Excellence event will be held. 

An Unforgettable, Family-Friendly Experience at Omega Mart 

But the night doesn't end there! Following the awards ceremony, attendees will move into the Omega Mart exhibit, an immersive art installation that begins in a grocery store and continues in a madcap journey through surreal worlds featuring immersive storytelling and interactive experiences that defy imagination. 

If you're a bit puzzled by that description and a lot intrigued, that's the whole point, says The Coca-Cola Company's Brad Morris.

"When John Ross presented us with this idea, he said it's like a grocery store gone wrong, but in a trippy, fun, and unforgettable way. And that's exactly how IGA's Heidi Huff and I found it to be when we visited the site earlier this month. We wanted this event to be a really big deal — something unique and fun for the whole family that would get everyone talking — and Omega Mart is most certainly that." 


Want to find out more? Join us in Las Vegas. 


With so much to learn and experience, the co-located IGA/NGA Show is a must-attend event — at one great price. IGA retailers and wholesalers can use the code "IGA" when registering for $150 off NGA's prevailing registration rate. Secure your attendance by registering today. 

Registration gives you admission to everything the event has to offer, including: 

  • Dedicated IGA educational sessions
  • Invitation to IGA's Awards of Excellence Ceremony
  • All NGA events, including educational sessions & show floor access with more than 300+ companies!

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IGA Licensed Distribution Centers: Stay tuned to IGA news for more information on nominating your retailers for IGA USA International Retailer of the Year, coming your way next week. 

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