Exclusive Brands Launches New Line of Sriracha

Mar 26, 2024

IGA Exclusive Brands announces its newest item: IGA Sriracha Chili Sauce, now available from Peppers Unlimited of Louisiana. With parts of Mexico still experiencing drought conditions ultimately affecting production of national brand sriracha, this private label product comes at a perfect time.

This spicy favorite is gluten-free and is only five calories per teaspoon. The bottles are 17 ounces and come in a case pack of 12.

"Our new line of sriracha hot sauce is the perfect fusion of bold flavors and culinary innovation. Crafted with the finest ingredients, each bottle embodies our commitment to quality and authenticity," said Senior Director of IGA Exclusive Brands Dan Muller. "Consumers will be excited to ignite their taste buds with every fiery, flavorful drop."

IGA will be featuring this item in the National Digital Ad May 1- May 14.

Ready to stock IGA Sriracha Chili Sauce? Contact your Licensed Distribution Center.

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