For The Greater Good: James Quincey of The Coca-Cola Company

Sep 19, 2022

In this week's For the Greater Good podcast episode, IGA CEO John Ross speaks with The Coca-Cola Company's Chairman and CEO James Quincey about the company's sustainability efforts, from packaging choices to scaling efforts across the globe.

Watch the video below or listen via your preferred podcast platform to learn more about Quincey's commitment to sustainability as the leader of the world's largest non-alcoholic beverage company.

Key Takeaways:

  • As The Coca-Cola Company considers the most impactful ways to address environmental responsibility, they are currently focused on waste, packaging, and raw materials.
  • As co-chair of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), Quincey asks, "How can we share and set best practices around the world in competitive areas? Only through acting with our peer retailers we can truly make an impact on scale."
  • Small package changes add up to make a difference. Last year, The Coca-Cola Company launched 100% plant-based plastic bottles instead of using virgin fossil fuels. They are working on innovations to use label-less bottles that are easier to recycle across the globe. Aluminum cans are much thinner now, using less material and resources. All of these efforts combined can have a larger environmental impact.
  • Fun fact: green plastic bottles must be sorted out of other plastics, making it harder to recycle. The Coca-Cola Company will soon phase out Sprite's green plastic bottle and move to clear plastic for easier recycling.
  • For more on The Coca-Cola Company's sustainability initiatives, click here.

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