IGA Joins the Big Leagues

Oct 11, 2018



Last Sunday IGA launched its first-ever national ad, digitally delivering IGA-exclusive savings to IGA shoppers across the country via Flipp, a national digital network that brings relevant sales content to intentional shoppers by connecting them to leading retailers. Why is this milestone so important for IGA retailers and the brand as a whole? Because it marks IGA’s entrance into the big leagues, showing the world IGA is here to play…and here to stay.

Independence and the customization and innovation it breeds is what makes IGA stores stand out from the chains, but at the same time, it’s what puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to national advertising and offers,” IGA CEO John Ross says. “But all of that changes now that we’re partnering with Flipp for a national digital ad that enables shoppers to discover weekly savings in a clear and interactive way from their mobile phone or PC. It shows vendors that we—the world’s largest group of independent retailers—have the leverage and capability to promote their products on a national scale just like the chains, and the functionality to follow up with the data those vendors need to create offers that continue to get better over time.”

Why a Digital Ad Needs Digital Media
While Flipp provides instant access to a network of more than 30 million existing and potential IGA shoppers, promotion of the ad still remains a top priority. “A digital ad without digital media won't drive sales in the way we want,” Ross says. “A truly effective and turnkey digital solution means the ad has to be incorporated into a broader platform with additional digital elements to help you connect with your shoppers and draw them in the store.”
So what media has IGA put in place to broadcast the national digital ad and your store to thousands of potential IGA shoppers? Take a look:

Flipp Ad Network
Catering to a unique and desirable base of shoppers, Flipp not only distributes the national digital ad but also introduces your store to an expansive network of potential shoppers. How do we know? Because the majority of Flipp users do not use a printed circular—meaning if you haven’t been posting sales online, your sales have been invisible to this group until now. But it gets better. In addition to showcasing your ad online, as a national advertiser, Flipp will send instant notifications to Flipp users letting them know about the national IGA ad, and to look to your local ad for extra savings. That’s right—we’re not waiting for potential shoppers to find us, we’re coming to them. Click here to learn more.

Social Media
If ever there was a recipe for being in the right place at the right time, it would read: post to social media. With nearly 80 percent of all internet users having at least one social media account it would be a massive missed opportunity to not post the national digital ad.

Luckily, IGA just made this step even easier for you with the new IGA Social program. As part of your $89 monthly fee, AR Marketing will automatically post the national digital ad on your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. And if you’re managing your own page, IGA has ready-sized graphics for you. For more information about the power of social media marketing, read the Media 101 blog from John Ross.

With more than 90,000 pageviews each month, IGA.com is our owned-media resource for the national digital ad. And with supportive content like recipes, how-to articles, and seasonal health hacks, we’re creating an online destination that shoppers will want to visit week after week.

Playing to Win!
The launch of the national digital ad marks a monumental moment for IGA, but with our new, national digital presence comes the responsibility to live up to the hype we’ve created. That means for our collective size and weight to have the impact we all want, we must rely on each other to promote, engage, and delight our shoppers with the national digital ad. The game has begun, let’s play to win!

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