IGA Retailing Marketplace—Find Businesses Catering to Independents

Jan 6, 2020

Looking for service providers and vendors who are ready to help independent grocers compete and win? Look no further—the IGA Retailing Marketplace is here!

What is the Retailing Marketplace?

The IGA Retailing Marketplace is a new online hub where IGA retailers can find service companies who cater to independent grocers. Think of it as a farmers market: a one-stop shop for everything a local IGA store needs, with vendors hosting booths where retailers can learn about products and/or services and get special attention they wouldn’t otherwise get.

From equipment providers, branded tchotchkes sellers, and full-service social media partners to regional honey and fireworks producers, the country’s most innovative companies are opening themselves up to a new and thriving market—and nearly 1,200 U.S. retailers—by advertising to IGA retailers through the IGA Retailing Marketplace.

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How it works

The companies featured on the IGA Retailing Marketplace are a combination of Red Oval partners, long-time IGA business partners, and even first-time local vendors. And they all have one thing in common: they want to work with IGA retailers. 

Retailing Marketplace-FP

When you visit the IGA Retailing Marketplace, you’ll see our featured partners on the homepage. These partners are currently running offers exclusive to IGA retailers. Click on their section to visit their Marketplace “booth,” where you’ll learn about their offer, their products or services, and get their representative’s contact information. If you’re interested in learning more, contact the representative and they’ll take it from there. 


For example, Red Oval partner AR Marketing is currently running an offer for IGA retailers who want to test out a full service Facebook trial offer for 60 days. AR Marketing will waive the set up fee and provide the service to retailers who sign up this month for $199, which is a savings of over $300 per month for the same full service platform. 

Back on the Marketplace homepage, below the Featured Partners section, you’ll find more businesses who want to partner with IGA retailers. Click on their sections to visit their Marketplace “booths” and see what content they’re sharing. Vendors can update their content monthly, so check back regularly for fresh content, best practices, articles that explain how to use their services, IGA retailer testimonials, and more.

The Marketplace Update eNewsletter

Every month, Marketplace vendors who provide offers exclusive to IGA retailers will be featured in a weekly email called The Marketplace Update. This email will only feature IGA-exclusive offers from Marketplace vendors, so be sure to open it monthly for those special offers. 

What to expect

"The great thing about being part of an alliance is the ability to leverage the collective weight of thousands of stores to enjoy special deals, pricing, and services that individual retailers cannot get," IGA CEO John Ross says. "The Marketplace uses our national leverage to help independent retailers compete."

So the next time you’re thinking about upgrading a display case or your store’s lighting, wanting to reduce energy costs or shrink, needing a new website or help with social media, or even looking for a photographer to offer family portraits in-store, visit the IGA Retailing Marketplace first. 

With new vendors added weekly, IGA retailers should check back frequently to meet potential new partners and see what offers have been added. As existing vendors update their “booths” regularly, you won’t want to miss these valuable tips and offers. 

Pay attention to the IGAcorp Facebook page, too, as we’ll be posting special Marketplace offers there and in The IGA Minute. 

Visit the Marketplace

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