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Dec 4, 2019

How well do you really know your marketplace? Afterall, neighborhoods—in even small communities—change fast. And if the perception of your marketplace is based only on the customers coming through your door, it’s easy to lull yourself into believing that what you see is an accurate reflection of the whole area.  

“The problem with that,” says IGA CEO John Ross, “is that often your shoppers are only a tiny piece of what’s really going on around you, and those shoppers you don’t know about are the biggest opportunity to increase sales.”

So how do you make sure you’re making accurate decisions for your business based on what you know, rather than what you think you know?

It all comes down to data. And that’s why over the course of the last several months, members of your IGA National Retailer Advisory Board Executive Committee have been working with ADvay Media Group, a national company helping retailers better understand their competition and customer base—and ultimately increase sales and margin—through data collection, analysis, strategy planning, and execution.

While we’re still in the early stages of data analysis, on average our test retailers saved in excess of $10,000 annually on weekly ad costs working with ADvay to create a media plan that better reflects their customers’ media consumption.

And that’s just the beginning for increased profit potential. ADvay’s trade area evaluations and competition assessments are also identifying key categories for growing market share, and working with our test retailer to develop a strategic and executable merchandising and marketing plan to increase sales.

Spend a minute with Ross and special guest Leigh Engelbrecht, operations and customer service manager of ADvay Media Group, to learn how IGA’s new Business Optimization Program combines shoppers’ demographics and behaviors with your own store-specific sales data to help you make educated business decisions for everything from advertising, marketing, and merchandising to long term planning goals.


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