Spread Joy This Holiday with Boursin® Cheese

Nov 1, 2018

Take advantage of holiday recipes and FREE in-store signage to boost your deli cheese sales!

Did you know that 35-40 percent of deli cheese sales occur in Q4?  It’s the most important time of year in the deli—and just a little bit of merchandising can go a long way.

So, to help you with your holiday displays, Boursin® cheese is making available complimentary shelf tags to highlight a variety of Boursin® cheese holiday solutions. Combine that with Boursin® cheese recipes featured on IGA.com throughout the holidays, and your deli becomes a must-visit destination for holiday shoppers.

4 simple steps for spreading the joy this holiday with Boursin® Cheese:

  1. Order your FREE Holiday Boursin® Cheese shelf tags
  2. Place shelf signage in your cheese department to help steer busy holiday shoppers to find what they are looking for.
  3. Place bunkers and coolers with balloons or other fun holiday decorations in the various locations throughout the store to nab impulse buys.
  4. Create simple signage that directs shoppers to IGA.com to find Boursin® holiday recipes. 

Is your Deli ready for the Q4 rush?  ‘Tis the season!

Order Holiday Boursin Cheese Shelf Tags

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