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Jan 11, 2024

In the grocery industry, it is imperative for store owners to prioritize continuous training and keep their teams well-versed in the latest compliance and regulatory requirements to uphold operational excellence and ensure customer satisfaction.

Thankfully, the IGA Coca-Cola Institute offers a wide range of updated courses and resources to simplify the training process. Find out what's new, how to update your 2024 learning plans, and register your team for the International Supermarket Management Course (ISMC). 

What's New? Microlearning

One of the most exciting new offerings from the IGA Coca-Cola Institute is also the smallest. Introducing microlearning, or On the Go Learning, an innovative learning system developed at Harvard Medical School that combines gaming with a scientifically proven methodology that increases long-term knowledge retention by up to 170%.

The Institute is deploying microlearning courses to retailers across the globe to help them meet their training needs effectively, which includes a “spaced education” methodology that is based on the neuroscience of how human memory works. Students enrolled in this option receive a daily micro-lesson that is 2-3 minutes long.

Harp's Food Stores, Inc. launched their first microlearning stream in 2023 to reinforce their cashiers' behaviors when checking their customers.

“On the Go learning is a great tool to reinforce key learning objectives a participant learns in our online courses," Harp's Director of Training & Leadership Development Bob Arthur says. "Our intent of the program is the implementation of desired behaviors we want our associates to carry out. So far, it has demonstrated this to be a realistic expectation as we have seen desired behaviors carried out in key areas such as our cashiers. The program analytics are fantastic and guide us to make necessary adjustments. As we grow in our utilization of microlearning, it will be an integral part of our learning processes.”

Store groups interested in developing a microlearning program with the Institute can contact them here for more information.

What's New? English & Spanish Courses

The IGA Coca-Cola Institute added 26 new English-language courses in 2023 and 15 new Spanish-language courses, including:

English Language



Store Safety



Spanish Language

Acoso sexual


Frutas y Vegetales

Pescados y mariscos

Sobreviviendo un tiroteo

Update 2024 Learning Plans

With so many new courses added, IGA Coca-Cola Institute Learning Solutions Director Ana Velázquez encourages retailers and managers to update their learning plans for 2024.

“Retailers should review the course catalog to choose the courses they want their employees to take, then set deadlines for their employees to complete the courses,” she says. “An easy and common deadline is just before annual performance reviews.”

By creating a learning plan for each department, retailers set clear goals for employees and provide a path to professional development and ensure they meet compliance requirements.

Compliance courses available at the IGA Coca-Cola Institute include:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Cashier–Alcohol Sales Compliance 
  • Cashier–Tobacco Sales Compliance 
  • Cashier–WIC Administrative Procedures
  • Cashier–WIC Training
  • Food & Safety Sanitation Basics
  • Lockout Tagout
  • OSHA Hazard Communication Standards
  • Sexual Harassment (California)
  • Sexual Harassment–Employees
  • Sexual Harassment–Supervisors
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Training

Find the new courses here and work with your managers and HR departments to determine your store's 2024 training needs. 

Register For International Supermarket Management Course 2024

The International Supermarket Management Class (ISMC) is one of the IGA Coca-Cola Institute’s most popular events, attracting over 1,000 students from 20 countries and nearly every part of the U.S. over the past 20 years.

"This is the premier annual education event for managers, supervisors, and supermarket owners; learning from over 20 experts will help promote a culture that emphasizes innovation, efficiency, and excellent customer service," says IGA Coca-Cola Institute President Paulo Goelzer.

Industry experts lead the 5-day class in group activities that are supported by pre- and post-class webinars. 

The class runs April 15-19, 2024 at The Coca-Cola Company Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Early bird registration is available through March 1, 2024. Click here to register and for more information, including speakers, schedule, and hotel information.

The IGA Coca-Cola Institute is always available to help retailers large and small to meet their training and development needs, from developing a custom microlearning program to engage associates on-the-go to offering compliance training online. Whether you plan to join them in Atlanta this April for the ISMC or simply log on to check out the course catalog, start your journey at

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