Staying Current

Jan 23, 2019

There’s a pretty good possibility that many of you, like me, last weekend watched the New England Patriots march their way into the Super Bowl yet again.

But here's the thing: the Patriots in many ways are still the same team they have been through a 20-year period of dominance. Yet in so many ways they are completely different. The team keeps evolving and growing, which is why this past Sunday they were able to beat a Kansas City team with an incredibly talented young quarterback and a dynamic offensive scheme.

Truth be told, if the 2001 Patriots hadn’t kept growing, evolving, and improving they never would have been a match for the current Chiefs.

You need to think about that as you think about your IGA store. The realities of today’s marketplace are changing dynamically, maybe radically. It’s no longer good enough to simply run a really good store with high service levels and competitive pricing. Today you need understand complex topics like omni-channel retailing, big data, smart phone applications, and more.

And that’s why you need to make it a priority to join us in San Diego for this year’s IGA Global Rally—to have your eyes opened to the new challenges facing the IGA community, to learn of the new tools IGA is providing you to win in this new environment, and to get insights from fellow operators around the world.

In other words, to help you be more like the Patriots so you can keep winning by staying up with and ahead of the competition. See you in San Diego!

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