Take Restroom & First Aid Restocking Off Your Plate

Jun 19, 2019

You know Aramark as IGA’s Red Oval partner for uniform services, but did you also know they have programs designed to help you with the everyday upkeep of workplace supplies? Aramark’s restroom and first aid supply inventory monitor and replace products that are running low, making sure everything from paper towels and touch-free soap dispensers to gauze and bandages are in stock and ready to go.

“IGA retailers are already wearing dozens of hats, so our goal is to deliver turnkey programs that take away the daily burden of workplace supply upkeep so they can concentrate on their business,” Aramark Red Oval Partner Representative Jarett Johnsrud says. “For a flat weekly rate, our turnkey solutions for first aid and restroom services will help maintain compliance, supporting employee productivity by keeping products in stock, and improve the workplace and shopper experiences.”

First Aid Program

Let Aramark monitor and restock first aid essentials to help you be prepared for on-the-job mishaps and maintain workplace compliance for employee first aid.  


Why Is It Important?

  • Most businesses are required by OSHA to have first aid readily available
  • 58 percent of employees surveyed said using supplies from the first aid kit has allowed them to finish their work shift*

Restroom Services Program

Improve your customers’ and employees’ restroom experience with Aramark’s restroom services monitoring and restocking.  


Why Does it Matter?

  • 64 percent of people would avoid an establishment based on a negative restroom experience**
  • 90 percent of employees feel appreciated when their place of employment has a tidy and stocked restroom**

Want to learn more?
Contact Aramark’s Jarett Johnsrud at Johnsrud-Jarett@aramark.com for more information, or call 800-ARAMARK for an immediate quote.

*Study conducted by ORC International, funded by Aramark, 2017
**Survey conducted by ORC International, funded by Aramark, 2016.

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