Top 5 Reasons To Subscribe To QMK

Mar 2, 2023

Independents who are looking for crisp and clean store signage still have time to subscribe to the Q2 Quarterly Marketing Kit if they order by March 9. 

Compete with national chains and increase sales by delivering an omni-channel marketing experience through the Quarterly Marketing Kit. The in-store signs, online educational content (including recipes), and social media assets in the kit will put you ahead of the competition by highlighting your local points of difference.

 Need more reasons to subscribe? Here are 5 more:

  1. Eye-catching, seasonal signage: The kit provides 50+ signs with consistent brand messaging and helps IGA retailers maintain a cohesive brand image across all their marketing channels.
  2. Social media & eCommerce assets: You'll gain access to digital assets, too! If you're on an IGA eCommerce template, it will automatically be updated with the Q2 images and content. IGA Social customers will also have their social media automatically updated. 
  3. Low cost, big impact: The materials in the kit are designed to be cost-effective, which is particularly important for independent grocers who may not have large marketing budgets. QMKs are $500 per quarter (only $35 a week!). 
  4. Branded or non-branded: If you're not branded IGA, don't worry, you won't receive signs with the IGA logo. All signs are also available in Spanish.
  5. Easy implementation: Every order includes a quarterly playbook with instructions for each QMK. 

This quarter’s theme of "Better Choices" shows that shoppers can maintain healthy and cost-effective eating habits when shopping local. The kit also continues our inflation messaging with a valuable comparison tool that shows shoppers just how much they're saving (in dollars and calories) by shopping your store and cooking at home compared to dining out and ordering in.

Below are some examples of the type of signage for this quarter: 

Q2 2023 signage

Subscribing to IGA's Quarterly Marketing Kit can help independent grocers attract more customers and increase sales. The kit's cost-effective materials, professional design, and focus on promoting healthy and cost-effective eating habits make it an excellent choice for independent grocers looking to enhance their brand image and engage their customers through omni-channel marketing.

To sign up for the Quarterly Marketing Kit, click here. Subscribe by March 9!

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