We Must Mask Up to Protect Our Communities

Aug 5, 2021

I hate having to write this. I am so sick of COVID-19, masks, social distancing, and all the rest.

But the reality is that people are afraid. Again, our most at-risk citizens are, well, at risk; but this time it appears younger people are, too. We are even hearing about kids getting COVID in record numbers.

As an independent grocer, it is our privilege to serve our communities. What we do matters. And what matters now is making sure our associates and our shoppers are safe.

National chains across the United States are asking associates to wear masks; shoppers want to see that we take their safety seriously. So do associates.

So, I ask you to weather this latest version of the COVID storm. Ask associates to wear masks, practice social distancing and hand washing, and all the rest. As tiring as it is, it shows we care for our people and our shoppers, just like we care for our communities overall. It is what a great independent retailer is all about.

As always, IGAs do the right thing. Let's get through this so we never have to talk about stuff like this again.

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