Are You Using All of Your Local Equals Fresh Branding Partners?

Jan 22, 2020

From décor and visual merchandising to social media and branded bags, see how IGA Red Oval family partners both new and old are working to reinforce your Local Equals Fresh brand message, and check out limited-time specials available through the IGA Retailing Marketplace.

Local Equals Fresh Visual Merchandising Sign Kit 

Bring the Local Equals Fresh vision to life in your store with IGA’s visual merchandising sign kit—a comprehensive package that includes everything from hanging and window signs to blades, case clings, and stickers.



Special for visitors of the IGA Retail Marketplace, all Local Equals Fresh full kit orders placed by February 29, 2020 will receive a metal stanchion frame (22” x 28” size - $95 value) free.

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Local Equals Fresh Reusable Shopping Bags  

Disposable bags are expensive—especially for an independent grocery retailer who operates on narrow margins. Cutting disposable bags as a line item lowers overall costs and can even create a revenue stream when customers purchase reusable bags from you.

IGA Local Equals Fresh branded reusable tote bags promote your store (and your brand differentiator), demonstrate your commitment to a cause that matters to your shoppers, and give shoppers an opportunity to make a difference.


Special for visitors of the IGA Retail Marketplace, IGA retailers receive 10 percent off IGA-branded merchandise in January!

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IGA Décor   

IGA’s new décor program is designed with value in mind in every aspect. Work with your choice of our décor partners to implement a completely new look—that aligns beautifully with IGA’s Local Equals Fresh visual merchandising—quickly, efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost.

Introducing your new Red Oval décor partners

Understanding that choice is important, especially in independent retailing, IGA has partnered with two proven décor providers—Innomark Communications and Hyperformance Graphics. You choose which partner is best for your needs, and they will guide you through the process from start to finish.  



  • Hyperformance Graphics stands out above others thanks to their extensive experience. Innovative ideas, attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship are the driving forces behind the company. The identity HPG creates will help your company to thrive and adapt in today’s competitive marketplace.
  • Innomark Communications has been around for nearly 30 years as a growing force in the retail signage, point of purchase display, and décor industries. They have partnered with IGA to develop a value-driven décor package that transforms a typical independent retailer’s store from outdated and drab to sharp, modern, and relevant in today’s marketplace. Understanding that retailers don’t have huge budgets but want to stay relevant in a competitive landscape and drive the message of Local Equals Fresh, they are ready to help your store

Click the "get started" button below to learn more and complete a brief form. Once submitted, each vendor will contact you for additional information in order to provide you with an estimate. 

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IGALink Websites

Available to all IGA retailers, IGALink provides you with powerful end-to-end solutions that guide your customers’ complete digital grocery experience. By providing engagement opportunities through websites, mobile apps, digital circulars, personalized shopping lists, branded promotional recipes, and more, IGALink delivers branded, digital offerings that put a unique and relevant experience into the hands of your shoppers.


Special for visitors of the IGA Retail Marketplace, receive 25 percent off the first three months of service, which includes: IGALink responsive website, digital circular plus, and email newsletters.

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IGA Social

IGA Social is a professional social media management program offering a proven formula to increase your online traffic, build brand awareness, reach prospective customers, and strengthen your connection with your store’s community with posts that highlight your store and your brand distinction.


Special for visitors of the IGA Retail Marketplace, receive a 60-day, full service, Facebook trial offer for $199, with NO set-up fee for IGA retailers. Expires February 29, 2020.

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Want to learn more about these and other companies that can help you differentiate your store and increase sales? Be sure to register for the IGA Global Rally and attend the Innovation Showcase this March in Nashville, Tennessee.  Visit to learn more. 

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