Spooky Spaghetti

Sep 28, 2021

Last fall, IGA hosted the Family Meals Made Easy Sweepstakes and asked shoppers to submit their favorite family meals. This recipe for spooky submitted was one of those recipes! We love it for it's simplicity and spooktacular appeal, and we're sure you'll like it too. 


1 package IGA thin spaghetti 16oz
1 jar spaghetti sauce
Frozen or homemade meatballs
Mozzarella cheese, sliced
Black olives


  1. Divide the dry spaghetti in half. 
  2. Prepare two pots with water following box instructions. In one pot, add several drops of purple food coloring. In the other pot, add several drops of orange food coloring. Cook the spaghetti following box instructions.
  3. While spaghetti is cooking, warm your spaghetti sauce and meatballs to desired temperature.
  4. Once cooked, fill each plate with half orange and half purple spaghetti noodles, top with
    sauce and meatballs.
  5. To make your spaghetti extra spooky, place a slice of mozzarella on each meatball, followed but a half slice of black olive to give the appearance of eyes. Enjoy!

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