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IGA's "For The Greater Good" Podcast

Hear C-level leaders across manufacturing and retail industries discuss the issues they’re most passionate about and what they are doing to ensure the sustainability of our industries in this podcast hosted by IGA CEO John Ross.

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Inflation Resources

We've gathered resources from trusted, expert sources to help retailers plan for the future during this period of economic uncertainty. From helping budget-minded shoppers to choosing programs that will drive sales, we have you covered. 

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Isom IGA

Help Isom IGA Recover From Devastating Floods

Isom IGA was submerged under six feet of water after the recent flooding in eastern Kentucky. The people of Isom lost their homes, belongings, and access to fresh food and water. Help Isom IGA rebuild—click to donate.

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Devora Rogers and John Ross

The New Marketing Metric You Need To Know

How can independent retailers make more effective marketing decisions? IGA CEO John Ross and Alter Agents Chief Strategy Officer Devora Rogers, share how media and net influence affect shopper behavior.

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Net influence

Omni-Channel Marketing for Independents

Today, independent retailers must do everything they can to help shoppers before they step foot into the store. We break down omni-channel marketing and show you how to easily use content IGA is already producing.

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