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Kim Kirchherr

Activating Health & Wellbeing in the New Year

Learn how to activate health and wellbeing in your store, help your shoppers eat better, and increase sales with cross-promotion tactics from IGA’s Kim Kirchherr.

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Sushi Takeaway

Grocerants Part 3: Building a Better Experience for Your Customers

In the final story in a 3-part series, learn how IGA retailers are taking grocerant concepts to the next level by redesigning and revamping their stores.

Bonus: download the IGA Grocerant whitepaper summarizing the series!

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Selling Groceries with Love

With 25 locations in eastern North Carolina and over 1,500 employees, maintaining a consistent corporate culture was an ongoing challenge for Carlie C’s IGA owner Mack McLamb Jr. That is, until he landed a concept that was a natural fit: love. Spend a minute getting to know this 2019 IGA Hometown Proud Retailer in the running for IGA USA International Retailer of the Year.

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Cheese Orphans

Maximizing Profits with "Cheese Orphans"

by Jennifer Bosma

Learn how Harvest Market IGA turned waste into profit by merchandising their odd cuts of cheese as Cheese Orphans.

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Hal Blanton

Getting to Know Blanton’s IGA Retailer Hal Blanton

IGA Hometown Proud Retailers Rose and Kevin Schild have made it their unofficial personal and professional mission to provide quality food, great service, and kindness to their shoppers. Spend a minute getting to know these 2019 IGA Hometown Proud Retailers in the running for IGA USA International Retailer of the Year.

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Increase Produce Sales 60% by Putting it Under the Big Top

by Larry Williams

Learn how McKim's IGA uses their fall produce event to drive sales and raise awareness of their quality, fresh items.

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Getting to Know Granite Falls IGA Retailer Tyler Trask

Tune in each week for a just-for-fun glimpse into the life of an IGA family member. You could be next!

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Two Industry Veterans Retire & Another Comes on Board!

Two Industry Veterans Retire & Another Comes on Board!

IGA celebrates the retirement of two industry veterans who have devoted more than a decade of their professional careers to the IGA family, and officially welcomes a new team member with his own history of dedication to the brand.

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San Diego skyline

Get Ready to Rally!

Register today to join us in San Diego in February at the IGA Global Rally!

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