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Fresh Start

IGA launches a new Local Equals Fresh up-branding kit designed to help you cement your position as your community's local leader. Find out what it means for you! 

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Ptacek’s IGA Lends a Helping Hand on National Random Acts of Kindness Day 

Learn how Ptacek’s IGA jumped on board to help the “Sandwich Man” build hundreds of sandwiches for Detroit’s homeless for Random Acts of Kindness Day.

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Outfit Your Entire Store with Local Equals Fresh

Ready to up-brand your store with IGA’s new Local Equals Fresh brand position? Award-winning Red Oval Partner DG Graphics is here to help!

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Getting to Know IGA Retailer Phil Blackburn

Tune in each week for a just-for-fun glimpse into the life of an IGA family member. You could be next!

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Weekly IGA Cookouts Raise Nearly $35,000 Annually for Local Charities

Learn how Brookville IGA uses parking lot cookouts to rally their community and raise nearly $35,000 for local charities.

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Meet Your 2019 IGA Award Winners

From International Retailer of the Year and IGA USA’s Hometown Proud Retailers, to Best Practices, Innovation, and members awards.

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IGA Best Practice Awards

More than 68,000 votes were cast for IGA’s inaugural Best Practice Awards! Meet the three winners.

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Innovation Awards

Spend a minute learning about the inspiring retail innovations chosen for the 2019 Innovation Awards.

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Red Oval Partner Awards

From insights and education to product innovation, find out how the seven IGA Red Oval Partner award winners are contributing to the success of IGA retailers.

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