IGA Products

IGA Products

In a time when private brands are growing twice as fast as national brands, IGA is proud to provide its Alliance with a world-recognized, better-than-national-brand line of products. IGA Exclusive Brand products appeal to shoppers focused on both value and quality, and its position as one of the most establish private label offerings in the country also makes it one of the most trusted labels on your store shelves.

And now, IGA Exclusive Brands is getting a brand new look!

Exclusive Brand Redesign Process

Spring 2018

Product cutting reveals IGA Exclusive Brand product quality is as good as or better quality than any product in the country today
  • Focus group of IGA shoppers reveals shopper insights about IGA Exclusive Brand, leading to three-point brand repositioning plan:
    1. Create a new, modern label design
    2. Incorporate IGA’s fresh and local attributes into product look and promotion
    3. Reposition IGA Exclusive Brand as “one of the best products on shelf at any cost” by implementing a double-money-back guarantee

Summer 2018

  • Label redesign partner is chosen
  • Design concept development begins

Fall 2018

  • National shopper panel provides feedback on redesigned product label concept
  • Product rollout begins with baking and snack nut products

Winter 2018-2019

  • Label design finalized
  • Redesign of IGA assortment begins
  • Art production

Spring 2019

  • New design file begin to released to manufacturers

Summer 2019 

  • New design products start hitting the store shelves
  • Categories continue to be updated in art production

Stay tuned for more updated information for NEW IGA Exclusive Brand!

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