Best Practices for Merchandising the Package Potato Category

Mar 12, 2020

Idahoan has spent 60 years growing real Idaho® potatoes to give shoppers the perfect homemade taste in minutes. By implementing these three proven merchandising techniques, IGA retailers can make it easy for shoppers to find America’s favorite packaged potatoes in your stores. 

1. Properly allocate space by product segment, brand, and item

  • Carry the top items.
  • Merchandise by segment and then by brand.
  • Align the space to sales by brand and segment. 

IGA IDahoan-shelving

2. Feature & display with shippers in secondary locations is key

  • Out-of-aisle displays increase impulse purchase opportunities.

3. Create meal solutions to drive cross traffic

  • For example, rotisserie chicken meal solutions drive two times the lift.

IGA IDahoan_display


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