Dairy Delivers Nutrition & Value For Budgeting Shoppers

Apr 20, 2022

Shoppers are quickly returning to money-saving measures at the grocery store, courtesy of a 40-year high in inflation. As shoppers seek value, independent retailers have an opportunity to highlight how to maximize the grocery budget with nutritious offerings that pack a punch. 

Dairy is a perfect example. "For many people, it is the easiest way to get the calcium, vitamin D, and protein they need to keep their heart, muscles, and bones healthy and functioning properly,” says Vasanti Malik, nutrition research scientist with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

In fact, dairy sales were up in March 2022, suggesting that shoppers are holding steady with core dairy items: milk, natural cheese, and yogurt. “The four March weeks generated nearly $5 billion in dairy sales, an increase of +7.1%,” says Jessica Ives, Professional Development Coordinator with the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA). “Also encouraging is the consistency of the weekly sales levels, all around $1.2 billion, which means demand is holding strong—certainly when compared to pre-pandemic levels.”

With complete nutrition a $4 billion category, according to Fairlife data, and June's Dairy Month approaching, now is the perfect time to educate your shoppers about the health benefits of dairy. To get you started, we've put together social media communication and graphics to share with shoppers surrounding these upcoming National Digital Ad offers:

June 8–21, 2022

  • $1 Off (2) 52oz Fairlife
  • $2 Off (10) Chobani Single Serve 4.5 to 5.3oz (10 cups minimum purchase)

Social Media Graphics & Messaging

Post A

Did you know June is National Dairy Month? 🐄 Visit [STORE NAME] for a wide selection of nutritious staples, including milk, cheese, & yogurt.

Post B

Get the most nutrition for your buck! Dairy delivers calcium, vitamin D, & protein in one serving! 🧀🐄 Visit [STORE NAME] for special Dairy Month offers, like $1 off 2 52 oz Fairlife & $1 off 2 Chobani multipacks!

Post C

Why dairy? 🧀

  • Builds bone density
  • Reduces risk of bone fractures
  • Maintains bone mass

Save on this nutritious staple during National Dairy Month at [STORE NAME]!


Why Dairy? It's easy! Get all this in 1 serving: calcium, vitamin d, protein

Dairy is a Great Value! Builds Bone Density; Reduces Risk of Bone Fractures; Maintains Bone Mass. Save on this nutritious staple June 8-21: $1 off 2 52 oz Fairlife; $2 off Chobani Single Serve (minimum 10 items)


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