Ball Corporation Innovation Drives Sales

Mar 17, 2022

Shoppers are looking to their local grocer to help them make good choices more than ever before. As inflation and environmental woes continue to rise, shoppers rely on both the grocery store and the manufacturers to step up to help.

Ball Corporation has done just that with their aluminum cup. It's the innovation shoppers want and need, giving them the convenience of disposable, the money-saving quality of reusable, and the environmental friendliness of recyclable.

"We're reinvigorating the disposable cups category," Jenica Bridges, director of commercial retail at Ball Corporation, says. "It's new and innovative; this category hasn't seen innovation in the last ten or so years. Consumers are looking for products that will make a different and be better for the environment, which is what this cup is."

And with the independent grocery sector making up a third of total grocery volume in the U.S., Ball Corporation is hoping IGA retailers will help them get this category disruptor in front of eager shoppers, especially in time for April's Earth Month and summer barbecues. 

"IGA makes up a good portion of the share of independents, reaching across various demographics and across the country, so we're looking for IGA stores to bring our products to their markets. We also want to make sure that shoppers across the country have access to the same products that others do," Bridges tells IGA's Heidi Huff, VP of business partnerships.

Find out how Ball Corporation is planning to help IGA retailers bring this product to their shoppers, including through running effective promotions and working with distribution networks, in the video below. 


Be sure to stock Ball Corporation's aluminum cup in anticipation of the National Digital Ad offer running April 13–26, $0.50 off 1 Ball Aluminum Recyclable Cold-Drink Cups (10 ct./20 oz.; UPC 81005213000). Contact your wholesaler for availability.

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