Goodbye Performance Insights, Hello National Digital Ad

Sep 5, 2018

The Performance Insights program is coming to an end, making way for an IGA National Digital Ad that provides more sales-building promotional offers from IGA Red Oval partners! Instead of four promotional weeks, national offers will be available every week of the year. That’s 52 weeks of selling support to attract new and existing shoppers and more opportunity to capture the data that helps up secure the best offers for the program! Even more, IGA will advertise these offers across the U.S. on the Flipp app, the Flipp Media Network and

Get ready: It’s easy! It’s free!

  1. Register your store to receive a FREE introductory POP kit. Do it now!
  2. Watch for a list of promotional offers to be released next week by IGA.
  3. Know that we understand that not all stores carry all items and that this quick start means you could run short…so the ad will include this statement: “Available at participating stores while supplies last.”
  4. Talk up the new ad with your associates and shoppers. Encourage them to download the Flipp app on their smartphones from either Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  5. Watch for an email from ScannerApps about reimbursement for the offers sold. IGA has engaged ScannerApps to manage the reimbursement process for National Digital Ad offers. You will need to program the offers in your POS and submit reports to ScannerApps to receive reimbursement for the offers sold at your store. All reimbursements will come through ScannerApps.
  6. There will be a minimum of six promotional offers each week sourced by IGA. The same ad will be published for all IGA store locations.
  7. Flipp users searching the app or website for grocery stores or for products will be served up information about each IGA store around their search (based on zip code). All IGA stores are automatically included in the ad at no cost from IGA.
  8. A new ad with new items will launch every other Sunday; offers will be effective for two weeks.

Questions? Check the new IGA website or contact IGA VP of Brand Development Jim Walz.

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