How Will Shoppers Find My Ad?

Oct 11, 2018

Find out how Flipp is promoting the National Digital Ad, and what you can do on your end to help!

1. A “Push Notification” from Flipp
This Friday, Flipp is sending a push notification to all the people near an IGA store who have downloaded the Flipp app. The notification will announce that IGA is now an advertiser on the Flipp network.  

2. Use Flipp Yourself
Download the Flipp app on your smartphone and spend some time to see how it works and what it does. Ask all of your store associates to do the same and ask everyone to talk it up with shoppers, friends, family—everyone they meet. It’s a great way to save more when shopping IGA!

3. Social Media
Give your Flipp ad a big shout-out on your social media pages. This will be done automatically for stores on the IGA Social program from AR Marketing. IGA Social is a great bargain for IGA retailers, so be sure to sign up if you haven’t already.

4. In-Store Signs
Register at to receive a FREE introductory POP kit for your store. Tell shoppers about your new digital ad on Flipp by displaying the shelf, ceiling, window, and pin-pads signs, and having your associates wear the buttons promoting the program.

5. Your Website
Grab the ad images from and post them to your store website to be sure your shoppers know they can save more when shopping your store. The national digital ad offers will be published automatically for stores on the IGALink website program who already publish their weekly ad. This work is already being done by Webstop for IGALink retailers publishing an ad on their IGALink website today.


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