IGA CEO John Ross on the Bullish Future for Independents

Feb 18, 2020

IGA CEO John Ross recently spoke to Supermarket News for their podcast, Off the Shelf, discussing how IGA's new digital tools will help IGA retailers better compete in the marketplace, cementing a brighter future for those retailers and the brand as a whole. 

“We’ve got to make sure they’ve got digital tools. This is everything from online incentives, the ability to do bounce back offers, to keep the shopper in the store, access to digital manufacturer offers…all the things that other chains have. For independent stores, whether you've got one location or a hundred, it may often feel like you're competing against these big huge mega chains and they've gotten more deals and more aggressive deals than you can get. It’s our responsibility to make sure we're working with the manufacturers of the national and the shopper marketing level and deploying offers nationally that allow those independents to compete. And if we do all of those things and a lot more things as well, yeah, we'll fulfill our mission.”

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