Sustaining Growth Beyond COVID

Nov 12, 2020


A lot has changed in the past eight months for IGA retailers, their shoppers, and the world.

"None of us have seen the kind of sustained shopper behavior that we've seen for the last eight months," IGA CEO John Ross said. "And all of us are learning how to work in a world in which shoppers can't feed their families using the same methods and sources that they used before."

In his keynote address from this week's IGA Global Rally, Ross shared how shopper behaviors have changed, and how IGA retailers are adapting to the new world to continue supporting our shoppers and communities. 

Highlights of the session included:

  • Key data insights on how shopper behavior has changed during COVID, including a shift to local community stores.
  • How this behavioral change is impacting IGA retailers and other independents.
  • How to earn and keep the sales we've gained over the last eight months even after the pandemic subsides.

"With only a third of Americans comfortable with eating at a restaurant even if restrictions are lifted, that means their local grocery store is increasingly more important," he said. "Shoppers need us to provide rich, healthy, nutritious food at a value for their families and that's going to continue over the next 12 months." 

Watch the full session below for a deep dive into changing shopper needs and how retailers can meet those needs moving forward and see Ross' interview with Shawn Yambor, the president of Fairvalue IGA, which served as the location for the live event.

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