Make Your Deli a Game Day Destination

Nov 13, 2019

Did you know 70 percent of football fans prefer to watch the game at home with friends rather than in person? And what do they do while they're watching? They eat! 

Drive sports-related traffic to your deli with these menu ideas from Unilever Food Solutions’ Chef Rudy, an acclaimed chef with 35+ years experience working in three countries.

Check out Chef Rudy’s latest party-ready dips, wings, subs, sauces, marinades, pizzas, side dishes, and salads to make your deli a Game Day destination! 

Download HereLooking for Unilever Food Solutions' items to jazz up your deli offering this football season? Contact your wholesaler to order. Have recipe questions? Email Unilever Food Solutions' Tracey Machnic.



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