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Nov 29, 2018

Last month, IGA launched its first-ever national ad, digitally delivering IGA-exclusive savings to IGA shoppers across the country via Flipp—a popular website/app that makes it easy for shoppers to find deals at retailers near them.

Why is this milestone so important for IGA retailers and the brand as a whole?

“Because with 1,100 stores, IGA has the potential for a national presence that rivals any other chain out there,” IGA CEO John Ross maintains. “And having a national ad in a cool, interactive digital format is key to making that potential a reality.”

Best news yet? Early results show it’s working! As Ross shared in a recent vlog, the numbers are in from our first month of digital ads, and the results are phenomenal. “In the first six weeks we reached more than 2 million shoppers, which is more than twice the number we expected,” says Ross. And that’s not all. “The ad also generated twice the national average in clicks.”

Updated Data

Moreover, the size of the prize is even bigger when you consider that the majority of Flipp users do not use a printed circular. “The ad has given IGA retailers a whole new way to connect with existing customers, and even more importantly, new access to a growing segment of digitally-focused shoppers. That means out of nothing this new digital ad is forming a relationship with millions of shoppers who we may not have touched in another way before,” says Ross.

How It Works

Want to know more about how IGA is using the collective weight of 1,100 stores and a new national digital ad to boost your online visibility? Here’s how it works:

  • IGA sources a minimum of six IGA-exclusive offers from national CPG companies and Red Oval partners. Offers are effective for two weeks. A new ad with new items will launch every other Sunday.
  • Shoppers can easily access the ad on the Flipp app, Flipp website, as well as the homepage of iga.com.
  • These offers are not coupons. They are offers like any other item in your weekly circular and are available to every shopper every day of the two-week ad cycle.
  • There’s NO COST to participate, and it’s not too late to get started.

Getting Started

  • Order the FREE POP kit from IGA and display in your store using shelf-tags to call out each of the promoted offers in the National Digital Ad.
  • Get the offer info at iga.com and/or the “Scanner Applications” email you will receive on a regular basis.
  • Program the offers into your point of sale system like you do any other ad item so every shopper can get the savings.
  • Download the Flipp app on your own smartphone, play with the app to get comfortable, and then spread the word to all store associates. The app is available on iTunes or Play Store.
  • Run your reports and submit your reimbursement request to Inmar Scanner Applications at the end of each ad for the offers sold at your store.
  • BONUS: If you haven’t already, take advantage of the new IGA Social program to promote your national digital ad for less than three dollars a day.

What’s Next

Have questions about the IGA National Digital Ad? Visit the IGA corporate site for a list of FAQs, or contact IGA’s Jim Walz at jwalz@igainc.com.

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