The New Marketing Metric You Need To Know

Jul 26, 2022

The majority of shoppers want more information than ever before to make smart purchasing decisions. In fact, 81% of retail shoppers research products online before they buy. To stay on top of effective marketing and advertising trends, brands and retailers must provide as much of that information as possible directly to the shopper.

What does that information delivery look like for an independent grocer? Stores must display sufficient information across their websites and physical stores, effectively blending online and in-store efforts to create an omni-channel experience, according to IGA CEO John Ross and Devora Rogers, chief strategy officer with Alter Agents, a full-service market research consultancy that has worked with major brands like Activision, Snapchat, and Nespresso. Rogers recently co-authored the book Influencing Shopper Decisions: Unleash The Power Of Your Brand To Win Customers with Alter Agents Founder and CEO Rebecca Brooks, which reveals how brands can help shoppers say "yes" by better understanding consumer decision-making.

“If you can figure out why shoppers do what they do, then that will lead to you being a better steward of your marketing dollars,” says Ross.

Watch this video interview, where Ross and Rogers discuss changing shopper behavior in retail and how it is affected by media and net influence, plus how all of these things working together can make the independent retailer more effective at marketing and building shopper loyalty.


Key Takeaways

  • Today, shoppers say information is the most important thing about making a decision—not price, not packaging, etc. Information encompasses price, packaging, ingredients, value, branding, and more, which are all things shoppers are paying attention to.
  • 50% of shoppers say they scrutinize everything that goes into the products they buy, according to Rogers, which suggests that the level of shopper awareness and interest has grown.
  • Rogers shares research findings on the impact of COVID-19 on shopper behavior, including its impact on product innovation.
  • By optimizing their marketing, stores can eliminate unnecessary advertising spending.

Want to learn more about net influence and omni-channel marketing, including how independent retailers can make the most of their marketing dollars? Read Omni-Channel Marketing For Independents.

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