IGA Best Practice Awards: Show Us Your Creative Solutions!

Oct 24, 2018

It’s no secret that independent retailers have a lot of challenges. The good news, says IGA CEO John Ross, is that independents—particularly IGA independents—are also some of the world’s most creative problem solvers.

“Every time I walk into an IGA store anywhere in the world, I see retailers facing the same obstacles,” Ross says. “What’s different is the way they overcome them. It’s like a study in localized problem solving—and the proven best practices that come from that are one of the great, practical benefits of being a part of an alliance of retailers.”

Your Chance to Be the Best of the Best

IGA’s Best Practice program launched earlier this year with the introduction of an online library of IGA retailer’s turnkey solutions for solving some of the most challenging issues they face, from differentiating and driving shopper loyalty, to building sales, increasing your bottom line, and getting the most from vendor relationships.

And now, this is your chance to earn industry-wide recognition for your creative solutions with IGA’s inaugural Best Practice Awards.

Ten finalists presenting their best practice at the IGA Global Rally will have the chance win to one of three Best Practice Awards—each with a $1,000 cash prize! 

What Kinds of Best Practices Are We Looking For?

“Anything that turns a challenge into an opportunity,” Ross says. “Take differentiation, for example. Independent retailers have to differentiate from the competition around them to stay competitive, and it’s amazing to see how that’s happening in IGAs around the world. Each idea offers another chance for a best practice that can be replicated and customized in other areas of the world,” Ross says, citing coastal communities where IGA retailers are finding ingenious ways to promote fresh, local seafood; IGA stores in the South or Midwest doubling down on meat with local beef, pork, and venison; and IGAs worldwide taking advantage of local with huge assortments of local produce and delis stocked with original recipes that reflect the tastes of the region.

"If a retailer tells me sales are down, I want to be able to point to 20 things that can be implemented tomorrow that are driving sales for other IGA retailers,” Ross says. “These awards are our opportunity to build that library, and show the rest of the industry that IGA retailers are leaders in creative problem solving.”

Need Some Inspiration?

Visit the Best Practices page on iga.com for more examples, and ask yourself, "What am I doing to:"  

  • make my store standout from the competition
  • drive my department sales
  • keep my shoppers coming back
  • solve the specific problems I face

Submit Your Best Practice For a Chance to Win!
Ready to submit your best practice for a chance to win in San Diego at the IGA Global Rally? Here’s how it works:

  • Click here to fill out a simple form to get your best practice in the running (if you’ve already submitted a best practice in 2018, you’re all set—no need to submit again). All submissions received before December 15, 2018 will be eligible.
  • A committee of IGA members and industry experts will choose 10 best practice finalists from among those submitted.
  • Finalists will be announced in January 2019.
  • Each of the 10 finalists will receive one free registration for the IGA Global Rally, where their best practice will be presented on stage.
  • The top three Best practice winners will be chosen by open voting throughout the industry.
  • Winners will be announced at the IGA Global Rally Award Brunch; each of the three winners will receive a $1,000 cash prize and coverage in a special-edition industry publication.
Questions? Contact IGA’s Megan Drazer for more information at mdrazer@igainc.com.

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